Moonshine run at The Dark Corner

  • Workout Date - 11/04/2015
  • Q In Charge - Biofreeze
  • The PAX - iTunes, Grr
  • AO -

Nice and dark out this morning…perfect cover for moving some moonshine!



10 Merkin’s IC

20 single count lunges OYO

The main thang

Most to the field where 12 gallons of ‘shine wait for transportation. Rules of the moonshine run: only one Pax can be running the shine at a time to avoid detection. Carry one but no more than two jugs at a time.While he runs it to the other side of the field (100-150 yards away), the other PAX cycle through the following

5 burpees

10 double count lunges

15 merkins

20 squats

When first PAX returns, next man makes a run and others stay to guard the shine while performing the exercises.

Since there are only three of us today, we change the exercises after each of us has made one run. New cycle of exercises:

25 plank shoulder touches

30 plank jakcs

35 LBCs

40 Russian twists

All the shine is successfully moved without detection, so we mosey yo the picnic shelter for AMRAP dips and merkins with feet on top of the tables.

Mosey to the playground for overhand AMRAP pull-ups, 20 squats, AMRAP underhand pull-ups, 20 squats.

OH NO…COPS! JAIL BREAK  to save the shine (now about 200 yards away…ouch)

Now return the jugs of shine to the parking lot following the same procedure as described above.

Mosey to the backside of the school for lunge walk between posts of the bus line with 5 merkins at each post….felt like a bazillion posts, but was more like 25 posts.

Mosey around the rest of the property with a backwards jog up the hill at the entrance to the school.

Mosey to retrieve the moonshine jugs and perform bicep curls as walking them back to YHCs car.

Prayers for health of family and friends.

Cool workout… Will be better with more PAX next time. The moonshine can be any coupon; YHC used water-filled milk jugs.

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