Montezuma's Revenge

  • Workout Date - 09/09/2015
  • Q In Charge - Gambit
  • The PAX - Buckeye, 12 gauge, Stones, GaitorBait, Ball Cock, High Times, Uncle Si, Flash, Dabo, Semper Fi, Cubby, Mono, Porky, Paladin, Diapers, Bob the Builder, Gambit (QIC)
  • AO -

17 men hopped, rolled, slid, crawled, groaned, or otherwise exited the fartsack this morning expecting a guest Q and a reported beat down from Longbottom of F3 Swamprabbit. Longbottom was instrumental along with many others in helping The #MOB get hip and running in early May and ventures down occasionally to partake in free room and board at the beach (and maybe visit some family while here). Today was one of those occasions and YHC had been prepping the PAX for a true beating. However, I received notification yesterday afternoon that Longbottom had been struck with montezuma’s revenge of the South American strain (everyone knows beer is safer than water) and YHC would need to step up. So… Let’s get to it

Conditions: hey there’s the humidity. Oh how we’ve missed you. 80 degrees and clear skies.

The Thang:

Who needs a disclaimer. No FNGs and I kinda hope this hurts a little

Warm-Up: IC

SSH x 25, TTT x 15, IW x 15, Deep Partner Squats x 10, Copperhead squats x 10, mosey short block with revers run, butt kickers, karaoke left and right those in and a jail break for the last 50 yds.

Circle around the flag for 10 burpees/ min for 5 min. (What did Buckeye say?) with a mosey around the short block to “cool off” and return to the flag.

Squat Clock: begin with 10 air squats with the 10th being a squat jump with a 90 degree turn right followed by 10 more squats and a squat jump with 00 degree turn right. Continue unti PAX return to starting position with 10 more squats. Revers the clock and repeato. That’s 100 squats total.

Time for the speaker and some Roxanne (the 3:15 version). Merkin for every “Roxanne” and plank Jack for every “red light” Who doesn’t love the police?

Mosey to corner of Calhoun to partner up for “catch me if you can”. Partner 1 begins a mosey while partner 2 does a burpee and proceeds to jailbreak and catch partner 1. Once caught, partner 1 performs the burpee and then chases partner 2. Repeato until you finish the long block (0.44 miles) and begin LBCs once back to the ¬†flag and wait on the 6.

Mountain climbers x 20 IC, Mule Kicks x 20 IC, Merkin x 10 IC

Line up on the sidewalk for descending bear crawl werkins. Bear crawl to flag and perform 10 werkins, bear crawl back to side walk for 9 werkin, bear crawl to flag for 8 werkin, etc…until PAX get to 1. (Crowd pleaser as we all chased 12 gauge). Unsure, but there may have been some Merlot on this one.

Mary time: 2 min left (IC)

flutters x 20, right oblique x 20, left oblique x 20


COT, Countarama, Namorama


Only a few more days to sign up for the mud run. See YHC for more info or just sign up. 3rd F event at The Church of The Cross beginning this Thursday 7 PM. Men’s bible study, The Quest for Authentic Manhood. Just show up!. Discussions continue about a Friday run day.

High Times with the VQ this Saturday, Buckeye with the Q 9/14, 12 gauge 9/16. need more men to step up and lead!

BOM: YHC leads us out in prayer.

YHC was smoked after this morning. Not sure if it was the bear crawl werkins or what , but my shoulders are still on fire. Thanks to all the PAX for the push to finish. I know I missed a thourough beating from Longbottom, but YHC tried to make up for it. Great job by all. Keep showing up, keep pushing yourself and others, and together we will continue to #getbetter.

As always, great to lead this group of brothers

Until next time…

Gambit Out



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