Monday’s Suck after a Holiday. Inspired by Inspector Gadget!

  • Workout Date - 11/27/2017
  • Q In Charge - Spackler
  • The PAX - Inspector Gadget, Honkers, Soda, Generic, Kilowatt
  • AO - Dog Pound

Warm Up:
SSH x 30 IC
IW x 30 IC

Mosey to SRT near Main Street clock. Time for a Double Dora. I did this for Traffic Jam and he didn’t even show up! Partner up. One runs to beginning of parking lot for Methodist Church while other partner does exercise. 200 Merkins, 400 Squats, 600 Flutter kicks. Mumblechatter began.

Mosey to wall for some People’s Chair. 90 degrees for 1 minute, 45 degrees for 30 seconds, then 90 again for 1 minute.

Mosey to steps at Sunrift for calf raises. All three kinds x 10 IC

Captain Thor: 1 BBSU:4American Hammers. Made it to 6:24
Heals to Heaven x 20 IC

Prayers for Gadget’s Mom and family
Prayers for Spackler coworkers family.
F3 Christmas Party Dec. 21
DogPound Lunch Friday December 1 at noon. Stax Omega.

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