Monday morning at Tower of Terror

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  • Workout Date - 09/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - Soccer Mom
  • The PAX - Thumper, Affordable Care Act, Sushi, Soccer Mom (QIC), Whisper, Brownie, Situation, Cocoon
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Posted from Soccer Mom’s E-mail:

Warm up: 3/4 mile jog

Merkins x20/ Werkins x20

LBC x20/ flutter x20

Military merkins x20/ derkins x20

Weezie x20/ oblique V up x20

1/4 mile around block


Staggered merkins x20/ merkins x20

V up roll x20/ LBC x20

Werkins x20/ derkins x20

Big boys x20/ American hammer x20

1/4 mile around block


10 burpies

Dying cockroach x20

10 burpies

American hammer x20

10 spider mans

Mosie to flag

Not sure that everything is in proper order but everything is done.

Gideon’s house Wednesday 5:30

Always a pleasure men.

Soccer Mom

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