Monday at theBurbs

  • Workout Date - 10/26/2015
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - Wilson, Joe Dirt, Flat Broke, Play Doh, Ahhnold #kotters, Iceman, Earthmover
  • AO -

7 hearty PAX brought it to #theburbs today. We started a minute late since the usual 5:29 and 45 seconds arrival of Slapchop never happened. Our long lost burbian brother Ahhnold ventured back out after some #accountability from YHC and Golden Sombrero. #kotters Lots of #mumblechatter about Golden’s absence (just sayin’)

Mosey around MRPC to the valley behind the church. 20 SSH in cadence. Mosey to the blockpile. Everyone grab a block. Modify to bricks if needed (no one chose this option)

Partner up
Round 1:
P1 runs to end of parking lot and back
P2 max curls.
Flapjack. Rinse/repeat x 3
Round 2 – push press
Round 3 – squats
Round 4 – tricep extensions

Mosey to bottom of hill.

20 dips then bunny hop up the #joe steps x 3

Tested out the #squerkin. P1 in merkin position, P2 holds legs up. P1 does derkin and P2 does squats in unison. 10 each side. Thankfully no video recorders

Mosey back to blocks. 10 block merkins, run length of parkin lot and back x 3 OYO

Overhead carry blocks back to their home. Mosey back to start

each pax chooses an exercise. We did:
Plank shoulder touch
Oblique LBC
Heels to Heaven
Dying cockroach
Finish up with 10 burpees

good work from PAX. Obviously an Iceman #wheelhouse workout and he crushed us all. Tclaps to Flat Broke for coming out to his 2nd workout. #keepposting
If you know of Pax who’ve stopped coming – reach out and get them back to the gloom
Expansion – Blue Ridge, Knoxville, Savannah, Augusta, Hendersonville
Prayers – all those unspoken

Until next time!


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