Missing One at Golden Strip

  • Workout Date - 01/26/2016
  • Q In Charge - Sushi
  • The PAX - Wifi (Respect), Elmer, My Little Pony (2.0), Gymboree (Respect), Strange Brew, The Commodore (Respect), Retread, Murdock, Mary (Respect), Sushi (YHC)
  • AO -

10 PAX, not YOLEVEN, came to Golden Strip for a good old fashioned beat down.  To YHC’s disappointment we did not reach that magical number, but just because the number was low, didn’t mean we were not going to get in a great workout.  As promised the tunes were present and those there got to work.


12 Burpees step by step in Cadence (Retread and Murdock did these with their rucks)- Lap around the lot.(faster than a mosey)

25 IW – Lap around the lot (this time My Little Pony took the lead and smoked the pax)

The Thang:

100 X Horse Riding Stance Punches – Mary looked like he could actually do some damage. Great Form

Chorus Line Kicks – Right Leg X 24, Left Leg X 24

Closing Kick – Right Leg X 12, Left Leg X 12

Ralph Machio’s – Right Leg X 48, Left Leg X 48

Lap Mosey to the lower field for some Cone work.  Cones were 20 yards apart for the next few rounds of exercise.

Starting line – 10 X Twist Mountain Climbers (bring opposite foot to opposite hand)

Bear Crawl to Cone 2 – 10X merkins

Duck Walk to Cone 3 – 10X Crab Crunches

Crab Crawl to Cone 2 – 10 X Merkins

Run back to starting line (repeat 3X)

Starting Line – Right leg hop to cone 2, Left leg Hop to cone 3, Run to Cone 2, Broad Jump to start (repeat 3X)

Lap around the track and behind the school (quick tour of the Garden of Eden to let the six catch up) then to the bottom of the back driveway hill with the Commodore leading the way.

Run up the hill – 10 X squats – Run down the hill (repeat 3X)

Circle up for some Mary  – Shamrocks X 12, Hello Dollies X 20

COT and Moleskin:

Prayers for My Little Pony and his trip to Europe, Drifter race coming soon.

T-Claps to Murdock and Retread for doing this not so ruck friendly workout with their baggage.  Thanks to the PAX for pushing it this am and allowing YHC to get back on the “Q” horse.

Sushi Out!

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