Missing cards and the ill conceived DORA

  • Workout Date - 11/04/2061
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - Short Barrel, Ice Man, ACA, SoccerMom, Whisper, Harbaugh, Officer Poncherello, Sammy, Squid, Celine Dion, Crack Pilot, Benign, Deflated, Mint Julep, Pet Stain, Pine Tar, NYOPT, Road Trip
  • AO -

19 @ PF for Dumbell day is a really good showing.   Thought I had a pretty good DOD planned.   We’ve never done a DOD for dumbell day, “that would be awesome” I thought to myself.   Halfway to PF I fumbled through my console, and……no deck of cards.    No idea where they are.   None whatsoever.   Dora it is.   But not a well thought out DORA.  So…..


SSH x 30IC (really fast)

HB x 31IC

DBs x 30IC

Off to the speedway.  Partner up. Grab blocks, 1 per duo.

While 1 partner performs exercises, other runs around speed way, block on shoulder of course.

100 Superman Merkins on curb

200 Milk Jugs (Stupid)

300 2 arm curl and shoulder press (way to long, modify to 150)

400 Squats with both dumbbells (got about 50 in b/c of time)

Blocks up, hustle to flags….


AmHammers w/ Dumbell 10IC

Flutter w/ Dumbell 10IC

AmHammers w/ Dumbell 10IC

Flutter w/ Dumbell 10IC

LBCs w/ Dumbell 10IC

AmHammers w/ Dumbell 10IC


Annc:  Toys for tots convergence 11/10, Operation Sweet Tooth, Don’t Be a Grinch 5k, Hope Relay, Veterans Day Q (today).

Prayers:  O’Sullivan Family, our nation

Thoughts:  Completely forgot the disclaimer!  Find my !@#$ deck of cards!



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