"Million Dollar AO"

  • Workout Date - 05/14/2015
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Pre-Approved, Fenway (North Charlotte), Soup, Slim, Dollywood
  • AO -

If you’re from North Charlotte and reading this…Fenway did attend the workout and showed us how to do One-Arm Burpees.  #welcome

6 PAX told the Fartsack to suck it and got their Thursdays off to a powerful start.  A lot of excitement around #Swamprabbit with the Jackalope fast approaching.  Not sure what we’re going to talk about next week….oh yeah – Drifter 2016 early registration?  Mudrun?  BRR?

SSH X 20
IW X 20
Mtn Climbers X 20
Superman Merkins X 10
Jacque Cousteaus X 20

Mosey Up Main Street…Hook a left on McBee to head to the stairs in front of Grace Church (FACT:  It was named after Slim’s first born child)

The Thang

Bent Jacob’s Ladder
Bottom = 30 DC Mtn Climbers
Top = Burpees – Start with 1 Burpee and keep adding each trip up to get to 7
*This is where YHC finds out that Fenway has a shattered wrist (Probably from wrestling an alligator) and is having to do 1-arm Burpees.
Plank when you are done

Mosey back down Main Street towards the Peace Center.  YHC had planned on doing Muscle ups on the wall at the Greenville News Building but didn’t want to make Fenway have to do 1-arm Muscle-ups.  Audible down the hill and stop on the bridge.

100 X DC Curb Kickers
30 X Squats
1 Min X People’s Chair
Spring up the hill to the stop-light
***YHC would like to introduce a new term to the F3 Lexicon in support of F3Prom coming up..
PROM-NIGHTING = When a PAX uses up all of their energy on the first round, not aware that their is a second round coming up (ex:  Soup Prom-Nighted the first sprint and doesn’t have the energy to finish)

Mosey down the stairs of the bridge to the railing for some pull-ups
10 X Pull ups with slow declines
20 X Russian Twists
10 X Pull ups with slow declines
15 X Russian Twists
10 X PU’s w/ slow declines
10 X Russian Twists

Mosey to the stairs to Joe Hendrix back up to the flags #crowdpleaser
*North Charlotte apparently calls this ‘Crawl Bear’
**Pre-Approved…Approved of Joe Hendrix

Freddy Mercury

Naked Moleskin
Jackalope – Carpool to Legacy if possible.  Be there BEFORE 5:30.  We are rolling out at 5:30.  Or meet at Peace Center to start by 6.  BRING FUEL.  It’s time to go boys!!!
Leadership Summit – Wed. 5/20 (day before Thurs. 5/21) meet at Barley’s upstairs at 6PM. We are going to discuss areas where you can volunteer your time, talents, and treasures (stolen from St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, please don’t tell my Priest Fr. Theo).  IF you are interested in helping out to grow F3 Swamp Rabbit and share it with the community…come on out!
– Prayers for Dollywood’s family members in Guam who are in the path of a major typhoon and all of those in Guam
– Prayers for Nepal
– Prayers for Jackalopers

FINAL NOTE:  Thanks to Fenway for coming out.  It’s always nice to have visitors from around F3Nation.  Hope you got a great workout in.  Thanks for all of the compliments on the AO.  We are very blessed to have, in his words, “A million dollar AO”.  Makes it pretty easy to show up in the Gloom.

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  1. The only thing better than the term “prom-night” is that Sponge explained it while 3 women ran within a few feet of us. I would have LOVED to have heard their conversation after encountering us in that discussion.

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