My milkshake STILL brings all the boys to the yard

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  • Workout Date - 02/06/2018
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Jenner (r),The Commodore (dr),Washer,Soccer Mom,Whisper (r),LookoutBelow,Short Barrel,Mint Julip,Johnny5,Gymboree (r),Dr. Phil, Sammy,Ron Swanson,VanGundy,Sticky Willy,Cyclone,Butterbean,Lt Dangle,FNG Tim,Road Trip,Pine Tar,Deflated (r), Peekaboo, ATM
  • AO - Pitchfork

23 pax circled up to see what the return of the ATM Q meant at Pitchfork.  YHC promised a little weird and a little hard…Kinda like Mint Julip…but I digress.  Washer pulled a Church Lady and came flying in somewhere during the warmup for an even 24.

Warm up – Seal jacks and Gorilla Humpers

Over to the Speedway for an Irmo Soccer throwback for half lappers.  Pax in one line for a SLOW mosey around the speedway while the front few pax break off and sprint the entire speedway to catch the back of the pack.  Everyone went once.  Pretty sure some of the pax were plotting YHC’s death already.  #itonlygetsbetter

Over to the bball court for some partner work.  One pax wall sits while pax 2 does 10 burpees.  Switch and pax 1 does 10 burpees.  Switch for 9 burpees, 8, 7…down to 1.  Another #crowdpleaser

Stay with your partner and hit the playground.  Each partner does 10 pull-ups and then partners do 20 patty-cake merkins.  3 rounds total.   Some random LBCs while waiting on the 6.

Back to the flags, but not for Mary yet!  Line up shoulder to shoulder as everyone expected the infamous merkin trail of tears…but NO!  It’s the Tree Hugger trail of tears – all pax in one line in Al Gore while 2-3 pax at a time duck walk to the end.  Everyone goes once.

Mary – LBCs, flutters…too much mumble chatter so 10 burpees, Rosie, done!

NMM – lots of grumbling about how the shoulder work was setting us up for ATM’s famous Moroccan Night Club/Overhead Clap finishing move #WWEstyle.  Not today boys!  Great work by all and great to have another of Greenville County’s finest Tim join us courtesy of the Lt. Dangle EH.  F/K/A Paul Blart.

Annc – running crap.  PF needs a Q Sat.

P/P – Lin, Andrew Brunson.

Always a pleasure.  ATM out.

SYITG next time,


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