Mile of General Discomfort 1.2 et al

  • Workout Date - 11/21/2002
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - ACA, Whisper, Sammy, Teddidiah, LiteBrite, Washer, ChurchLady
  • AO -

8 PAX broke free of the fartsack and made it to PF for Saturday morning beating.   A there was a little discussion before we got started about how many ruckers we’re going to have out of this AO soon.   Been a while since I tried a MOGD, why not?.   We may have stumbled on the right level of suck with V1.2 this morning, further testing needed.  Stretched the Fun Zones out to 2 x 30 yards per lap on the front stretch and back stretch.  PAX ran a good healthy ~5K pace in between the zones.  No big difference in the pearls, just swapped Bobby Negrons vs plain old boring bear crawls.   Enough with the chat chit.




DancingBearsx20IC (of course)



Lap 1 Fun Zones:  Bobby Negrons in FunZone 1, Negron Bobbys in FunZone2

(1 Bobby Negron = 4 steps bear crawl, 2 merkins, lather, rinse, repeat)

Lap 2 Fun Zones:  CrabWalk/WalkCrab

Lap 3 Fun Zones:  Burpee Broad Jumps

Lap 4 Fun Zones: Lungewalk with twist and elbow touch to knee @ bottom

Lap 5: Victory Lap, backwards, Hallelujah style (sucked more than I expected)

Thang2: Push/Pull

Partner up:

PAX1 – ChinUpsx4 / PAX2 – DryDocksx4 then switcheroo

Repeato 5 sets

PAX1 – AussieChinUpx5 / PAX2 – Merkinx5 then switcheroo

Repeato 5 sets

PAX1 – Quadpressx20 / PAX2 – Rockersx20 then switcheroo

Repeato 2 sets

Thang3:Tire Flip Race

Good old fashioned tire flipping race up the front-straight of the speedway ~100 yards, slight upward grade.   Teams of 4, each pax flips tire then to the back of their teams line to cycle back through.  Losing team members present @ Coffeeteria have to buy coffee (YHC).

Back to Circle for 6MOM…….wait a minute, its 7:01…never mind.


The Perkins family made the cut into the Dec. required training in their adoption process, family 10 of 10 accepted, how ’bout dem apples….

Christmas party @ Padre’s.

Prayer Requests:  ChurchLady’s church performing services Sat. afternoon, pray for success.   Good to have him back with a clean bill of health.


Moleskin:   Happy with the suck-o-meter levels on MOGD1.2.   More push/pulls in future work outs, they suck.   Tire flipping is fun.    Sammy has an insanely long broad jump (maybe it was the burpees).  Tedidiah and ACA retain jack rabbit status.  ChurchLady is a bit of a dark horse, anybody ever noticed that or is it just me?  All men worked their arses off.

Pleasure to have led.







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