Mighty Ducks sittin' on a River of Merkins

  • Workout Date - 05/18/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Beaker, Mr. Rogers, Fire Marshall Bill, Mr. Bojangles, Revival, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

6 PAX decided to escape the nest, test their wings, and get a little stronger this morning at Eye of the Tyger. YHC has been impressed by the repeat workouts of the EOTT FNGs- Mr. Rogers, Fire Marshall Bill, and Beaker. This is what it’s all about. T-Claps to Revival & Mr. Bojangles as they help get this AO going.

Here is the low down on this mornings workout-

Conditions: 69 degrees and perfect

Warm Up:
20 High Knees IC
20 Butt Kickers IC
20 Shoulder Taps IC
20 Mountain Climbers IC

The Main Thang:
Hosey Mosey
Grab the fire hoses for a hosey-mosey to the otherside of Tyger River Park…
Hose on shoulders, above head, to the left, to the right at YHC’s command.
Once arriving at front lawn in front of clubhouse- set hoses up for….
THE RIVER OF MERKINS (aka Jump the River)
Set the hoses in paralle lines 3 feet apart. (this is the river)- run in cirlce around the river and cut back to jump the river- the last 2 PAX to cross the river move one hose back one foot- extending the width of the river. Rinse and repeat until each PAX lands in th river-
The penalty for landing in the River:
25 Merkin
25 Werkins
25 Diamond Merkins
Rinse and repeat until all PAX are taking the dip.
Mr. Bojangles earned bragging rights getting up to about a 10 foot jump. Click those heels Brotha!
Burpee Escalator
Set Fire Hoses 30 feet apart in parallel lines:
Bear Crawls from one side to the other hose- 5 Burpees and then sprint back to first hose
Lunge Walk from one side to the other hose- 10 Burpees and then sprint back to first hose
Gorilla Walk from one side to the other hose- 15 Burpees and then sprint back to first hose
Crab Walk from one side to the other hose- 20 Burpees and then spring back to the first hose
Fold fire hoses into a V- split into teams of 3. One PAX will be at the head of the V in the fold (around waist), and the other 2 PAX on the left and right leg PAX at the head will run while other two PAX pull back on hose creating resistance. Perform for 20 count and then rotate.
Each PAX should pull 2 times at head of V.
Hosey-Mosey back towards the Shovel Flag.
Wrap both fire hoses around base of light pole:
2 PAX will use hoses as rope whips for 30 seconds, while the other 4 PAX are peforming 20 SSH, 30 LBC, 20 Squats (rinse and repeat AMRAP)- after 30 seconds PAX rotate to the whipping station- Each PAX should have 2 times at whipping station.

Sorry- no time for Mary this morning.

Pray for Mr. Rogers sister- pregnant and having issues w/ baby’s spinal development- surgical options- but praying for healing

Pray for Walker Phillips- heading back to Duke this Thursday for more treatments, prayers for healing

Pray for Ford Sweeny- healing in a supernatural way

Pray for Fire Marshall Bill- big article due today, lot of work to complete it

YHC has a house showing this evening- pray it’s the one!

That’s all folks!

There is a lot of chatter going on out there about the toughest AOs- can’t really be determined until PAX try them all. Come on out and visit us at Eye of The Tyger. This really is a great AO and the PAX are of the highest level. YHC is proud and honored to be amongst them. God bless and have a blessed week.

See you in the gloom.

Mab Mab

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