• Workout Date - 08/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - Quickie
  • The PAX - Grit,Seal,Third Base,Epee,Strike Out,Yoshi,Uncle Remus,Data,Pacer,Mud Puppy,FNG Howlee and YHC
  • AO -

If you are planning on posting at Matinee,you have to get the full effect! Start at the Landmark building and mosey down Main street to Falls park!

Warm up

Once we arrived at Falls park we were about 5 minutes early so a few guys started showing up for what was going to be the second beatdown of the day for YHC and a couple others.

20 x Smurf Jacks

20 x Mountain climbers enough of the warmup let’s do this!

The Thang

Dead Chief Indian run down to the cul de sac last PAX drops and does 5 Merkins. Right as YHC went back the lead I spot a empty picnic shelter. Looks like a great place for 11’s. So be it 11’s box jumps/squats afterwards 11’s Derkins/dips. A short mosey uphill YHC calls out Dora 123 but with a little pain as in Quadraphilia up a steep hill and mosey back down to 100 Merkins 200 Squats 300 Arm Presses while the sad clowns look on! A very short mosey later to a handrail for WALL OF FIRE one of my faves only had time for 10 LBCs while the other PAX sit in People’s chair then back over to the hill for incline flutters x 15 No time for Mary so we went to COT

Announcements and Prayer request

YHC read a verse of scripture Isaiah 40 30-31. Seal announced that the Tutu Q will be 9/1 at TOT the ghost flag is still there guys. Prayers for Third Bases mom, Yoshis dad, YHC wife 33 weeks prego with 2 boys and Nail pops son. It was my pleasure gentleman until we meet again! Aye!

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