Met Mike Tyson And Bonnie Blair At The New Moroccan Night Club

  • Workout Date - 01/07/2020
  • Q In Charge - Play-Doh
  • The PAX - WaxOn; Zebco Sr; Cowbell; Bubba Gump; Zipline; Trainin Wheels; Wilson; The Muff
  • AO - The Station

The Scene – Perfectly acceptable January morning in the upstate of South Carolina. 40 degrees with a chance of rain, but all good to start. Half of F3 Greer couldn’t find their testicles this morning OR was scared off by the chance of rain OR still isn’t ready to kickoff 2020. A couple regulars have some heavy stuff going on so they have excused absences.

Zipline comes in on two wheels and we’re off…

Disclaimer – Check. Mission – later.

W/U – SSH x20 IC;  SqtTempo x10 IC; Merkin x10 IC;

Thang  – Mosey down parking lot across front of City Hall to Right on Poinsett Street. Up Poinsett Street, pass Barista Alley and find a parking lot on the corner.

  • Mike Tyson x10
  • American Hammer IC x15
  • Moroccan Night Club IC x40/30/30/30
  • Monkey Humper x10/15/20/20

The plan was to push t/e running pace harder than we normally do. Mission accomplished. Cadence was harder to call…not a whole lot of rest in between.

North on Main St to Church parking lot.

  • Repeat

Up Main St to Right on Arlington. Jump in parking lot.

  • Repeat

Right on Cannon St, head to pond – opposite end.

  • Repeat

About a mile total in running at a pretty good clip. Not a whole lot of mumble chatter.

Up the hill to the picnic shelter for a modified Dora.

P1 – exercise; P2 run up the hill to the circle for one burpee then back down for the flip flop. First round straight up the hill. Second round backwards up the hill. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

  • 111 Bonnie Blairs
  • 222 Dips
  • 333 Freddy Mercurys

Mary – About 10 minutes left, which was about 5 minutes too long. But we powered through. Plank; J-Lo; Big Boys; Back Scratchers; Heels to Heaven; Rosie; Dolly; LBC; something else…

Recover. Recover.

Announcements – 1. Second part of the mission is to grow. This AO is firmly planted, now let’s grow it. Now is a great time to EH other dudes. Good chance that guys you know have a little bit of motivation to make a change. Try to get one guy out. 2. Step up and get on the Q Schedule.

Prayers – TW’s father and daughter. CF’s baby.

Life is good but short. Go do something great today. Rock on.

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