Merlot tasting, Coffeteria and Yoga

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  • Workout Date - 06/25/2015
  • Q In Charge - No Strings Attached
  • The PAX - Footloose, Stitch, Perry Mason, Blue Hawaii, iTunes, Waco, Amelia, Ricky Bobby, Wally, Snow Flake, NSA
  • AO -

11 PAX resisted the fartsack at #TheStation for an attempted mega-beatdown from YHC; Blue had dragged YHC into a slew of smack twalk and he had no choice but to bring the heat.


10 slow merkins, IC
15, wait 20 high-knees (Footloose mumblechatter)
15 burpees, OYO

The Thang:

Joe Hendrix 7s

Joe up long end stairs of amphitheater, 1 derkin.
Run down and around amphitheater, Joe up short end stairs, 6 jump-squats
Run back down and repeat. 2 derkins, 5 jump-squats; 3, 4; 4, 3; etc.

Mosey down to the Horace McKown gym and line up on the end parking space line

Run to 2nd line and back, 5 burpees
Run to 4th line and back, 10 mountain climbers
Run to 6th line and back, 5 burpees
Run to 8th line and back, 10 mountain climbers
Run to 10th line and back, 5 burpees

Line back up on first line for Lt. Dan up to 4.

Mosey up hill back towards big field by Poinsett. Pit stop at the top by the clock tower for a merlot tasting. Continue mosey, partner up and line up on the first light pole for NSA style catch me if you can.

One partner planks while the other does 10 lunge steps. After 10 lunges, call your partner’s name and plank until he lunges to you. Continue all the way across the field to the last light pole.

Turn around and work back across the field to the first light pole in a similar manner but this time, one partner does 6″ while the other does 5 burpee broad-jumps.
Audible to flutter kicks half way through.
Ran out of time, no mary.


-If YHC calls merkins during warm-up, the PAX should just go ahead and assume that they will be slow merkins, IC. Never the less, YHC forgot to specify that was the manner in which they were to be completed. After some mumblechatter from Footloose, YHC got the PAX on the same page and made sure to make the last few reps count. And he added 5 more high-knees as mumblechatter was still flowing from Footloose.

-Joe Hendrix 7s were SOOOO much worse than YHC expected. This experiment really proved that the stair style makes a huge difference. The previous Tuesday Perry Mason introduced the PAX to the short side stairs of the amphitheater (2 sections of 10). YHC did not notice until mid Q that there was a long side (3 sections of ~10). This really sucked but, not-surprisingly, Amelia powered through it and was the only member of the PAX to complete all the Joe. Waco said it was his “first time” doing Joe. Yeah, ok bud. Regardless, he killed it as well!

-Burpee suicides really wore on YHC, who was still chasing Amelia around The Station, after feeling the need to live up to the crazy damn twype Blue stirred up. The hill from the McKown center parking lot to the field by Poinsett seemed much steeper and longer than usual. YHC had to stop at the top to prevent himself from splashing merlot. YHC gagged a little bit and, not to his surprise, regurgitated what tasted to be a rich mixture of IPA and buffalo sauce. He forced it back down though. You know, for the benefit of the PAX.

-However, YHC recovered and he and Stitch dominated catch me if you can! Speaking of which, Stitch was beastmode today too! YHC loves to end the Q burpee broad-jumping towards the clock; it’s always fun to race the clock back, even though you’re doing burpee broad-jumps and flutters.

-YHC and Stitch sat and enjoyed Blue Hawaii’s mobile coffeteria while Blue, Waco and Footloose did yoga on the children’s playground. To their defense, they are old and the playground is basically sitting on a huge yoga mat. Several post-gloom soccer moms noticed the playground yoga. Perry Mason and iTunes grabbed coffee, but didn’t stick around to watch the yoga group.


-Continue to pray for all of the victims of the Charleston AME massacre.
-Prayers for iTunes’ sister’s boyfriend’s family with the loss of a loved one.
-The Hurricane, hosted by F3Summerville is Saturday!

Always a pleasure. Big thanks to out-of-towners Waco and Snow Flake for posting and #embracingthesuck!

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