Merkin Madness

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
  • Q In Charge - Scuba Steve
  • The PAX - Iceman, Montross, Flay, Guvnah, Rocky Top, Madoff, Cataract, Hermie, Dexter, WaWa, Beavis
  • AO -

12 daring individuals entered the gloom to see if Scuba Steve could deliver a smoke-fest!

Warm up:
SSH x 25 4 count
IW x 20 4 count

Mosey to parking lot partner up size matters.

Partner 1 dragon walk towards the trail. 
Partner 2 sprint to the road and back to catch up to your partner and fireman carry them back to the start.

Rinse, rotate, repeato

Mosey to grass.

Sniper Drill:
Same partners. Partner 1 goes to the tank and does burpees while partner 2 follows Q’s command. When Q yells “Sniper” drop down and low crawl, when Q yells “Recover” get up and sprint. Partner 1 recovers partner fireman carries him back to the start.

Rinse, rotate, repeato

Mosey to tennis courts

Merkin Madness:
10x Sphinx Merkins
Lunges halfway
15x Diamond Merkins
Frog jumps to end
20x Peter Parkers 
Duck walk halfway
25x Werkins halfway
Lunges end
30x merkins

Repeato with sprints in between

10x sphinx merkins
Sprint halfway
15x diamond merkins
Sprint to the end
20x peter parkers
Sprint halfway
25x werkins
Sprint to the end
30x merkins 

Arm circles of hell:

Arms outstretched 
Forward x 10 4 count
backward x 10 4 count
Arms over head
Inward x 10 4 count
Outward x 10 4 count
Arms in front
Inward x 10 4 count
Outward x 10 4 count

Mosey to shovel-flag for 6mom:

30 4 count Flutters 
25 4 count Dolly’s
25 4 count Rosilita’s
30 4 count LBC’s
Partner up for 20 leg throws oyo
Down and hold for 1.5 minutes

Outstanding work done by all!


– Greer launch is 8/9
– Blue Ridge Relay:
2 Runners 1 for fast pace nine man team and 1 for social pace 12 man team please let Flay know ASAP as he needs to get rosters to the event organizers. 
3 van drivers need! No registration fee, and your food/beer will be covered.
– Prayers for Iceman to make right decision if his department moves to Charlotte
– Prayers for Rocky Top starting a new job immediately following his 25 day vacation!
-Prayers for Hermie as he meets with landlord about his office lease and new tenants.

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