Merkin Island

  • Workout Date - 10/02/2014
  • Q In Charge - Moobs
  • The PAX - Slapchop, Radar, Zipit, Joe Dirt, Stuart Smalley, Moobs, Pepperchini (FNG)
  • AO -

We had a small crowd at The ‘Burbs this morning but it was a workout of quality not quantity. We had one FNG, Pepperchini, 12 year old son of Moobs.

Warmup: Side Straddle Hops, Jump Lunges, Arm Circles

Each station is connected by a lap around the church and a stop at Merkin Island (10 Merkins of your choice)

Station 1 – 50 hand release pushups, 100 ft Burpee Broad Jump

Station 2 – 50 body squats, 25 butterfly sit ups, 25 crunches

Station 3 – 30 Shoulder Presses with coupon, 100ft Bear Crawl, 30 Shoulder Presses with coupon

Station 4 – 20 jacknife pushups, 100ft walking lunges, 20 jackknife pushups

Station 5 – Curls with coupon (AMRAP), Dips (AMRAP), Curls with coupon (AMRAP)

Mary – elbow to knees, scissors, flutters, butterfly sit ups

Prayer requests for family member of MRPC who was diagnosed with cancer. Praise and remembered prayers for Golden Sombrero who’s son is recovering.

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