Ménage A What!?!….Dora.

  • Workout Date - 08/04/2015
  • Q In Charge - Third Base
  • The PAX - Affordable Care Act, Candy Striper, Church Lady, Cool Breeze, Elmer, Hooch, Nature Boy, Sammy, The Situation, The Butcher (10y/o), Two Left Gloves, and Third Base (YHC)
  • AO -

As YHC pulled up, after waking up late and fearing a dreaded burpee penalty, noticed only half dozen PAXs waiting. I began to think if I say I am Q’ing are my work outs really that bad, so maybe I need to step it up a notch next time. Fortunately, at the magic time of 5:29a several others showed up bringing our count to 12 PAXs deciding not to fartsack. As many can attest, I am a sucker for grabbing exercises off the F3 exercise definition board. Today was no different as, YHC decided to do a mash up of sorts of and old favorite and something new.

25 x SSH
15 x Monkey Humpers (mumble chatter?)
25 x Hill Billies
20 x Carolina Dry Docks

The Thang

Mosey to Track
Introduced Ménage A Dora. What!?! Will they shut us down for this? I hope not. Here’s the drill in teams of 3 PAXs, 1 PAX will perform exercise at top loop of track. 2nd PAX will perform exercise at bottom loop of track. 3rd PAX sprints from 1st PAX to 2nd PAX picking up where other PAX left off. Therefore, mashing up Dora and Ménage.

Abs Roast at Top of Track (most repeated this b/c Leg Blast was draining)
300 flutters
200 LBC
100 BB Sit ups

Leg Blast at Bottom of Track
300 Prisoner Squats
200 Lunges
100 Mountain Climbers

After finishing mountain climbers waited for PAXs coming down then mosey back to top pick up ab crunching teammates.

Mosey to short hills.
Introduced Hooch to some complex math, Triple Nickels.
Round 1
(Backwards run up hill, 5 x Burpees (top), Crab Walk down, 5 x Air squats(bottom)) (repeato) x 5
Round 2
(Joe Hendrix up hill, 5 x Plank Jacks(top), Bear Crawl down (slippery when wet), 5 x Merkins(bottom)) (repeato) x 3*
*wanted to have time for Mary so cut this round short


Plank patty cakes x 10
Merkins patty cakes x 5
First round we did as group, next round AMRAP for 2 mins

ACA dual closings one today another on Thursday.
Hooch, he and his brother are waiting on responses for new jobs. Also, prayers for Firemen on west coast battling wild fires.
Others I did not list and those unspoken.

Two 3rdFs’: tomorrow morning Java Bistro YHC will be Q’ing God to the Last Drop, and The Valley at 11:45a.

Again another great day in the gloom with all my brothers. Hope to see you all Thursday!

Later Days!

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  1. Affordable Care Act

    Well done, Third Base. Next time you forget your ruck, I say use Hooch. I’m feeling masochistic this week. See you Thursday at TOT. I’m gonna go staple my eyelids shut.

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