Memory Loss

  • Workout Date - 12/27/2014
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Aught)
  • The PAX - Longbottom, Clapper, Slate (from Lake Murray), Belk (from Charlotte), Tesh, Clapper, Mr. Winslow, Double Windsor, 00
  • AO -


Having inadvertently fartsacked the Crucible, I volunteered to take the Q at Legacy. Nine strong showed up to shake off the after effects of Christmas dinner, including Longbottom, whose wife had just had a child about 51 hours prior. Pretty much shamed the rest of us for the foreseeable future for any excuses for not posting. Except for YHC.

It’s never good news for the PAX when YHC shows up in the 1994 F-150. Usually means there are some cinderblocks in the back. Spoiler alert:there were. The workout was a modified four corners. The amorphous polygon may have had five or six corners pretty quickly into the workout. We may have gone around three times.

First round – pullups, merkins, super burpess (death squat straight into a burpee), russian twists, and then a new exercise that I found on the information superweb that the PAX officially named the faceplant. One PAX on your knees, falling forward slowly, while another PAX holds the ankles. The purpose was to work the hamstrings. Fall forward slowly, then push up with your hands. 10 count and then switch. Maybe some Makhtar N’Dyiaes at some point. We went back the circle and performed some one-legged deadlifts. As all of you know, I am all about the posterior chain.

Second round – grab the blocks and run around. Can’t remember the precise exercises or order. We did some derkins, and the merkins one hand on the block and one hand on. Then burpees with a lateral jump over the block each time. Learned after the first one that the block should go long side down on those. Keep running around with the block. Somewhere around 0.4 miles with it. Some Makhtars and faceplants without the blocks, then back to the circle with the blocks for some Dan Taylors and straight-leg deadlifts with blocks. Legs are toast at this point. Drop the blocks off.

Third round – more exercises. Another round of super burpees. Some high knee jumps for some plyo. I ask Scuba Steve for a 10 count, even though Scuba Steve had never posted for the morning. No way to play that one off. Running around some more and Longbottom suggests some Jack Webbs. We went to 7 and then ran to the outhouses for one minute of box jumps. Grab some column for wall sits into 10 count skullcrushers. We weren’t able to use the nice long wall because it is now part of a constuction zone. Cautioned the PAX not to actually crush their respective skulls on the concrete. Back to the flag for some Mary. Plankwork, one-legged erectors.

Moleskin: Counting cadence for an hour rocks. I tried not to complain as Longbottom posted without having slept for 51 hours. Thanks to Slate and Belk for posting. Awesome to see non-local guys. I could not remember Clapper’s name and was tempted to call him Cheddar, like the place on Woodruff Road. I need better mnemonic devices. Belk was complementary of the intensity of the Swamp Rabbits. According to the Garmin we did 1.78 miles. Maybe off slightly when we did the Russian Twists.

COT: Clapper’s going to China to pick up his adopted child. Prayer for his family.
Announcements – Altamont Marathon is April 12. Check it out here.

Thanks, PAX.

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