Memorial Day Convergence at #theburbs

  • Workout Date - 05/30/2016
  • Q In Charge - Slap Chop, Earthmover, Iceman, Bartman
  • The PAX - Iceman, Scuba Steve, Longbottom, Cockroach, Mr. Head, BioFreeze, Church Lady, Pet Stain, Wally, Hootch, GCOD, 00, Snowden (kotters), Balboa, Gymboree, No Bars, Obama, THE Hardhat, Bagman, Pretty Loving Guy, Grrrr, Bib, Sega, Gilligan, Bartman, Slap Chop, Inspector Gadget, Spongebob, Big Short, Wilson, The Commodore, Padre from the Fort, Brown Shorts, Wee Man, Radar, Earthmover
  • AO -

36 of the Upstate’s finest found their way to #theburbs this morning for a holiday convergence. We were met with absolutely beautiful conditions and an AO up for the challenge of hosting men from all over F3SwampRabbit and F3Greer. Tclaps to Slap Chop for devising the hilarity that ensued.

Circle up. No FNGs so lets mosey to the other side of the church. SSH x 15 continue around the church back to start for hillbillies. Count off into 4 groups. There will be 4 different 10 minute pain stations for our workout today.

Station 1 – One of our go to workouts at #theburbs is #joehendricks up a rather long flight of stairs. Easy if you’re Radar who can do 2 steps at a time but a little harder for us mere mortals. Partner up for 100 dips, 200 step ups, 300 lbc. Partner is doing joehendricks for the running portion.

Station 2 – Soccer Field. Run to midfield, 25 merkins, far goal line 25 merkins, mid field 25 back to start. Rinse/repeat with squats and American Hammers

Station 3 – Pullup bars and blocks. Pax are introduced to the #manutebol pull up bars we have at #theburbs. 11s with pullups and block swings

Station 4 – Catch me if you can Indian run around the church. Guy at end of the line does 10 merkins the catches up to front, etc.

7 MOM from Bartman – various ridiculous ab exercises

Awesome work today from all the PAX. Great having everyone out to #theburbs. The rotating holiday convergence locations is a great idea and let’s everyone see all the different AOs in our region. #stud awards to Brown Shorts and Padre from the Fort who double downed after a 6 am #Murph and to 00 who ran a 10k just for fun before the convergence.

F3 Dads June 18
Dirtalope June 11
Padre convergence July 23 @ Star Command

Great effort today and thanks again to Slap Chop, Bartman and Iceman for helping make this happen!



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