• Workout Date - 05/15/2014
  • Q In Charge - Punkin Spice
  • The PAX - Bartman, Holla (welcome back brother!), Erector, Johnny 5 (FNG-Van Parker), Alfred, Mrs. Doubtfire, Punkin Spice
  • AO -

7, including 1-FNG (whom made the most faithful of faithful look bad this morning **looking at you Posh #guiltallday**), men not made of sugar Cantored the harsh, tropical storm like, conditions to put in their #downPAINment this morning. Hey, it could still be sub 30 degrees! #illtaketherain

Warm Up

Mosey to “Valet” canopy. Watch out for the cockroaches Bartman!

SSH x15 IC

Merkins – HA! YHC tried something new here; The idea was, in-between each Merkin, in cadence,  we were going to pause and go half way down and hold, then all the way down and hold, then back up for another repetition IC, repeato… EPIC FAIL!! We may have reached 4 repetitions. I have a different variation in mind that might work better. #dontknowuntilyoutry

Squat Jumps x20 OYO

Mnt. Climbers x15 IC

‘Burbian Thang

Mosey, lap and a half around MRP, then up into the playground for…


“Good,Legit” Pull-ups x5
Swerkins “make sure to pull those knees in” x10
Dips x15
Joe Hendrix

Perform all pain-stations x3, order of your choice

Plank-o-rama up near the cars while everyone finishes

“Quick” Dora 1-2-3

Partner 1 exercises while Partner 2 runs to “last visible cone” and back (about 50 yards)

100 – Air Squats
200 – Mnt. Climbers, single count
300 – Fairy Jacks   #crowdpleaser

Mosey back to “Valet” canopy


Flutters x20 IC
Dolly x15 IC
Rosalita x15 IC
LBCs x10(ish) IC – Bartman has gone #chippendale by this point and his wet back was suctioning the ground creating flatulent noises. #bartmanbackgas  Some PAX actually thought he was just “ripping one” every repetition, so due to the circumstances, on to…
Freddy Mercury x15 IC

Mosey back around to cars, but first…

Walking lunges from speed bump to speed bump, then sprint up the hill, to the cars



-Great to have FNG-Van Parker (Johnny 5) out today! You earned a ton of respect from the other 6 PAX at The ‘Burbs this morning. If this guy shows up when 90% of the PAX #fartsack because of a slight drizzle you can pretty much guarantee he’ll be sticking around. Welcome brother!

-Bartman opened up announcements with a great message about how he was running beside Holla during Dora at one point and said welcome back! Holla says something along the lines of, good to be back, but I think I would trade this pain-stations for that last pain-station. This makes Bartman think of Our Savior, and that these really aren’t pain-stations at all compared to the ultimate pain-station Christ went through for every one of us when he died on the cross.
AYE! Bartman, I love you brother,  you are a wonderful and shining example of what I think of when I think of F3! Thank you for that inspiration this morning!

-Circle of Heat (relative to Ring of Fire) is launching tomorrow morning (Friday 05/16) at Riverside Middle from 0515-0615 (note this is 15 minutes earlier than the usual 0530 Post times) YHC believes Erector said to enter from Gibbs Shoals Road not Hammett Bridge Road. Also, the track lights do not turn on until 0530 so bring a headlamp if you feel it necessary.

-Rally some guys and head up to F3Spartanburg this Saturday and show some Swamp Rabbit love and support! The F3Spartanburg boys are a great group. #brightfuture
If you are interested in caravanning or maybe catching a ride with those who have already committed to going, meet at the Starbucks on Pelham (near I-85) at 0610 Saturday morning.

Prayer Request:

-1D’s rotator-cuff surgery next Tuesday (5/20)

-The youth group at Aldersgate Methodist; youth director resigned.

-Erector needs new job (manufacturing, engineering, sales). I’m sure he is very grateful to all of those who have spoke with him and helped him up to this point.

-Holla’s brother is making the move from Cali to Greenville, pray that he has safe travels and finds a job in Greenville.

-Bartman and his Fam. are in the process of moving to a new house (still in Greenville) but may sell their house (showing it today) before they decide on a new one to buy, so they may have to rent, may have to renovate new house, and is having a bunch of opinions and thoughts presented to him by family, friends, and professionals alike. Lift him and his family up in this difficult and stressful time and pray Our Father will lead and help them to make all the best decisions.

-Pray for a friend of YHC’s. He is battling severe depression. On top of that, he was in a pretty bad wreck a couple weeks back and has to get an MRI because they think he may have a little brain damage, and he is very worried about that.


Okay PAX! This is an open challenge! If YHC can come up with workouts and Q 3 out of 4 days in a row, ANY of you can do it! ***looking at you Hardhat, Alfred, and many many more #faithful who are ready to take that step*** Practice makes perfect! You’ll never get comfortable doing something by NOT doing it. I hope this does not offend anyone, it is meant to be an encouraging challenge. We are here to help, if you need/want help just ask. Everyone who has Qd before knows the feeling and has been in your shoes and are more than willing to help and lend advice, I promise you. Leading the PAX is very rewarding and, in YHC’s honest opinion, makes the workouts easier by knowing what’s coming next. Looking forward to seeing what kind of pain all you guys can bring!

See you in the gloom, AYE!

Pax Propter Vim

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