Melt That Muffin in the Cruce Oven

  • Workout Date - 06/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - Houdini
  • The PAX - Houdini, Hootie, Amelia, Kotter, Blue Hawaii, Domer, San Diago, OO, Weed Wacker
  • AO -

Nine chaps did some laps, if you don’t Cruce then you’re a smelly Pirate Hooker and you shouldn’t read this post.

Gloom Observations – Stretching like Miguel Jimenez obviously works, per Daryl’s (Hootie, for the layperson) spanking of the PAX today, somebody spit at the Merkin station and I laid my hand right in an oyster #C’MonMan, Kotter was tardy #detention, OO may have more shoes than Slim…

Warm up:
Shut up

The Thang:

We kicked it around a .6 mile track & AMRAP’d it for about fifty-five minutes:

Started at the Peace, turning behind the GNews, hang a right towards the amphitheater and another right on Broad to complete the loop.


HR Merkins X15

Lunge Walk X20

RT X40

Pull up X15

Derkins X20

Wall ups X20

Squats X20

Flutters X40

Naked Moleskin:

-San Diago wore his sleeveless shirt around the house and now his wife is all knocked up #nookie

-Praise and continued prayers for Domer’s foster child, she’s a wonderful person and a blessing to their family

-Weed Wacker’s niece going through some health challenges, please pray for her and family

-Blue Hawaii reminded us to listen to our kids, pay them plenty of attention and remember that God put them in our lives, incredible blessing to experience that kind of love

Shake a leg,

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