Mega-Dora, suicides, and getting your oil checked

  • Workout Date - 06/07/2017
  • Q In Charge - SEAL
  • The PAX - Fargo, Quaker, Gluten, Keystone, Flow Rider, FNG-James Pierce, now Half Nelson,12th man, Tiny Dancer, Globe Trotter, Abacus, Padre, Pebbles, Astrovan, BOGO, Clarinet, Skid Marks, FDIC, Karaoke, Mr. Belding, Partner, Herbie, Whittle, Crunchy.
  • AO -

24 men got better this morning at Anderson’s largest AO in attendance. The record for which was tied today. And throw in an FNG, along with a PAX from the mothership, MECA.

Gloom observations: A new face as YHC is walking in. Introduced himself as AstroVan from MECA, down here on business. He was counseled on his choice of AOs and warned that YHC was an overzealous Q. Pebbles introduces an FNG to the PAX.  Apparently he EH’d a classmate. Then YHC’s 2.0 is called out for not posting as he had promised Pebbles. It was passed along to June Carter today gentlemen. He again promised to post come Monday.  and what’s this I see? Crunchy in the House!

Disclaimer is given.

Warmin’ up:

SSH x20 IC

MC x20 IC

Windmills x20 IC

Mericans x10 IC

The meat and potatoes:

Count off to get head count. Then count off of half that to get your teams of 2. Random, yea, right.

Mega-Dora is explained. 200/400/600

200 Mericans, 400 LBC’s, 600 squat

Partner 1 works while partner 2 runs to Field goal post at far end of track.

Very simple and very tough. Some mumblechatter. But that is how you know it’s loved.

Larry Bird? then it’s flutterkicks by request! Thanks Crunchy!

Wait. We still got people out there working. Let’s do some heels to heaven.

And we still have the six working. Let’s try some hip dips (aka J. LO.)

A suggestion was put out for some Burpeees by none other than Powderkegs mouth of the South, Tiny Dancer. No thanks

All teams are in. Light pole suicides. All the way to Quaker’s pole (wait……um……..what?)

Now time for Mary

6 MOM: 

Erectors aka. air humpers

(think missed one here)


and again by request – Monkey humpers


So we are trying to name our newest brother – Half Nelson. But during the name offerings (of which most were around the wrestling theme as he is a wrestler for Wren High School, one PAX who shall remain nameless, FDIC, offers the name “Oil Check”. After a brief silence, said PAX explains that in his version of wrestling, you get yer oil checked. Or better described as a thumb jammed up yer ass. Not sure where FDIC wrestled. I just hope it wasn’t with any distant “Uncles”.  Nuf said.

Cpt. Dave Hortman Run to Remember 5k this Saturday. Quite a few PAX from F3 will be in attendance. Both Anderson North and South regions will be represented. Pre race workout at Wahoo’s house 0630.

Speed for Need – Charlotte-MECA has a preblast for this event. Chariots involved. Sounds cool. Link here:

Announcements/Prayer request :  confidentiality on one. Prayers brother. And congratulations!

SYITG brothers

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