• Workout Date - 01/28/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - ATM, Whisper, Sensai, Teddidiah, Weekend at Bernie's, Dr Phil, Sammy, Homeward Bound, Iceman
  • AO -

9 Men posted at #Pitchfork on a downright balmy November morning to throw some weight around.

ACA #Fartsacking really messed up my plan because 10 PAX was the #magicnumber.

The Thang

Mosey towards the road.
15 SSH
Plank up on the small hill by the road (because this AO is devoid of steps)
Clock merkins x5 @ 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock
Mosey back to the parking lot to get weights and other coupons (i.e. – sandbags)

Quick explanation of the circuit (using whatever weight you brought) Once the guy on station 1 is done, everyone rotates thru performing as many “good technique” reps as possible
Station 1 – manmakers w/ sandbag x10 (pace setter)
Station 2 – curls
Station 3 – squats
Station 4 – sit and press
Station 5 – lbc’s

Everyone went through this circuit twice. #Cobains to Group 1, (with only 4 guys) who got extra reps because @ACA #fartsacked

Lap around the parking lot then clock merkins (on the curb this time)

Back to the circuit
Station 1 – manmakers w/ sandbag x10 (pace setter)
Station 2 – russian twists
Station 3 – one leg dead lifts
Station 4 – side lunges
Station 5 – flutters

2 time through again then circle up for the last 2 mins
Merkins x10 (on your dumbbells / kettlebells)
Slow ct LBC’s x15


Naked Moleskin
– Pretty sure @ACA #HC’d last night then #fartsacked. I’m researching twitter for proof. @ATM said it was because @ACA was exhausted from writing the Holiday party preblast.
– @Sensai doesn’t like burpees
– @Teddidiah was informed his impressive work on #manmakers earned him the honor of wearing a #weightvest at future workouts
– @Whisper showed off his new #shovelflag, which could be the reason @ACA #fartsacked.

Prayer Requests
– @Iceman’s friend who died recently (Jennifer Atkinson)
– @Sensai’s sister who is dealing with a tough foster care situation
– For France and anyone impacted by the recent terrorist acts
– For the refugees

– Holiday party 12/12
– Remember to keep EH’ing. This is something we can’t stop doing, ever…..

See ya in the gloom….


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