• Workout Date - 11/12/2015
  • Q In Charge - Houdini
  • The PAX - Houdini, Winslow, SpongeBoobies, Caliendo, Depends (Welcome #respect), Weed Wacker, Stewie, Earth Mover, Caviar, Latka, Dollywood
  • AO -

11 blow mold observers caught some erect pink scenery on a much needed dry gloom outing…

Gloom Observations – #mumblecheddar was in full effect this AM, Winslow loves the weekly uptaint and demands that free stuff be delivered promptly, Caviar loves special brownies, Caliendo brought the noise on his 2nd post, Sponge is borderline flesh-colored-beard for man club, Earth got all tipsy on Strawberry Wine Coolers and committed to launching Knoxville next week – he needs volunteers so holler at your boy #nostalgia

Warm up:
It was a puff puff give rotation on the following:

MCsX20/ Elbow Plank / MerkinsX15 / EP / LBCsX20 / EP / MCsX20 / EP / MerkinsX15 / EP / LBCsX20


The Taint:

No way for me to accurately rechode the scenario I threw together, but we did a lot of the following:


-Air humpers

-Lunge Walks

-Russian Tits






-Elbow planking

We took the scenic taint through the backside of Mellow Mushroom and back down through the park.  Everything was an audible, we hustled and ran our mouths about #CSAUP topics – and it was awesome.


Naked Moleskin:

-NOV 19th Toys for Taints 530AM UNWRAPPED at BSWA

-Earth Mover needs 4 volunteers to gooch the Knoxville AO next Saturday the 21st

-Two events this weekend, Hope Relay and Brick Run – bring a good attitude and enjoy some sunshine

Shake a leg,

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