May The 4Th Be With You

  • Workout Date - 05/04/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sushi
  • The PAX - Earth Mover, Lookout Below, Cocoon, Butterbean, Sadiq, Meatball (FNG), Pharaoh (FNG), Sushi.
  • AO -

8 Storm Trooper (including 2 young Jedi’s…FNGs) made it to the Tower Of Terror for a Yoda training session.  Earth Mover took the Millennium Falcon from downtown and even made it to TOT for the first time.  Upon showing up he was told…”These are not the Droids you are looking for.”   YHC could tell the Force was strong with this group as they were greeted with the theme from Star Wars when they circled up.  (YHC would like to know if you have read this back blast by commenting on your favorite Star Wars Character in the comments section below).


SSH X 25 – Run to the last stop sign and back

Imperial Skywalkers X 25 Run to the last stop sign and back

Hands Solo Knife Hand Strikes X 15 Right Hand, X 15 Left Hand

Darth Maul Kicks X 10 Right Leg, X10 Left Leg

Run To The Dark Side:

The Storm Troopers ran 1/2 mile to the Dark Side of the football field the test their knowledge of the Force. When they arrived at the goal posts they lined up for….

10 Burpees—30 yard TaunTaun crawls up—30 yard Luke “Crab” Walkers back.  For those that do not know what a TaunTaun crawl is, watch The Empire Strikes Back and see what animal Luke has to slice open to stay alive.  Since the weather was warm, no PAX had to be sliced open for YHC to make it through the workout.  Hyperspace Holds until all PAX finished (similar to elbow planks on the planet Earth).  Repeat.

10 Death Star Bursts—30 Yard Yoda Carry up, 10 Help Me Obi Wan Squats—30 Yard Yoda Carry Back.  Yoda Carry = carry your partner on your back.  You may remember Princess Leia squatting down to R2D2 to send a message…get the picture?  Repeat 3 Times

Darth Vader Force Pushes X 1 Min.  Similar to leg throws on Earth where your partner uses the force to throw your legs down and you resist the force by not letting your legs hit the ground. Repeat 2X

With their time with Yoda almost complete, the Storm Troopers ran back from the Dark Side to make sure the Tower was still in tact only to be met with Light Saber Leaps.  One PAX swings a light Saber at the head while the other PAX ducks, then jumps when the PAX swings the light saber at his feet.  Repeat 10 times and switch.  (Lookout Below might have lost his head a couple of times if real light sabers were used.)

Circle up for some Jabba The Hut…Similar to Mary on Earth, but Jabba needed a lot more Core work.  Oblique V-Ups X 10 Right, X 10 Left, Boba Fett Twists X 25, Hello Leia’s X 25, Jar Jar Binks Flutters X 25


This time the universe was saved by a small group who took their Jedi training serious.  Welcome to FNG’s Meatball and Pharaoh who resisted the Dark Side Of the Force and became F3 Jedi’s.  Prayers for 00’s Daughter’s Surgery.  Jack-A-Lope is May 16th.  So Far over 70 PAX have signed up.  This is going to be EPIC!

When is comes to the F3 Workouts….THINK NOT>>>DO!

Yoda…AKA…Sushi, Out.

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  1. Affordable Care Act

    Yoda, I’m going with. Keeping with the spirit of Sushi themes, Affordable Care Act will Q for the first time at Golden Strip Thursday. Could be good, could be a train wreck. Wear your favorite baseball cap and leave your fart sack to find out. We will tribute to our national past-time since I will take in my first Drive game since moving the family here last year! Aye!

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