Master Class

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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28 Rabbits planted the SF and got down to business in what can only be described as a #beatdown straight from Washington Rd in Augusta, GA

(Iceman posting for Hootie)

The Thang:

SSH x25
IW x25
LBC’S x20

Mosey a couple blocks to the parking deck over the bus station for
Dora’s 123
Partner up – while partner 1 does the exercise, partner 2 runs half the length of the deck and back, flapjack until team totals required reps for each exercise.
Merk-Ups x100
Squat jacks x200
Jacque Cousteau’s x300

Mosey to the street near the entrance to the parking deck for
Catch Me If You Can
Running around the bus station:
Burpees x6
Mountain climbers x20
Squat jumps x6

Run back down Main St to the Peace Center for:
Russian Twists x20
In and outs x20
Rise from the grave x15


Naked Moleskin

– 28 with 5 FNG’s. Swamp Rabbit is a growin’.
– Great Q by Hootie – love his energy and passion for F3. There’s been some mumble chatter to rename him Tony Horton for his love of P90X exercises.
– Change of venue is typically a good thing, and this was no exception.
– We continue to lift up Spicoli as he battles his health issues
– Great to have Swiss Miss from CLT Area 51 join us.
– Grit joined us for COT. He’s been nursing an ankle injury and should return to the gloom soon.

– BRR training continues. Launch from REI/Yogurt Mtn parking lot on Woodruff Rd at 0530. All are welcome to run with the BRR team.
– Debit has the Q for Thursday. Come see what he has in store for us.

See you in the Gloom


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