Mary: Three times a Lady?

  • Workout Date - 07/27/2015
  • Q In Charge - Keystone
  • The PAX - Missing, Brown Shorts, Quaker (Respect), Domer Simpson, Hook & Ladder, Swift (Hate), Duplo, Gut Shot, Tea Bag, Gluten (Respect), FNG Tim Brady (Carl's Jr., Respect), Keystone
  • AO -

12 PAX appeared in the humid gloom to receive a Mary-centric experience punctuated by three (!) flyovers (one by a satellite-how’s that for timing?).  Seems like a portentious confirmation of the triple-Mary workout YHC had planned…


SSH x25 IC, IW x20 IC, MC x20 IC

The Thang:

6MOM:  Dolly, Rosalita, Box Cutter, Reverse Box Cutter, Heels to Heaven (all x20 IC).  Satellite flyover (with 10 Burpee salute) during this set.

Brisk mosey around the church and parking lots and back up to the church doors

Jack Webb (1:4 Merkins: Air Presses) up to 10.  First five sets of Merkins were Chuck Norris style.

6MOM:  Plank (with arm & leg raises), Hip Dips, Plank Shoulder Touches, Erectors, Russian Twists (all except Plank x15 IC).  Second flyover with 10 Burpee salute during this set.

Jack Webb down from 10.  Last five sets of Merkins were Chuck Norris style.

Mosey on the Road Less Traveled back to the SF (lots of Larry Birds on this as YHC bogged down on the last hill).

6MOM:  LBC, Reverse LBC, Freddy Mercury (all x20 IC), then a Ring of Fire with 5x IC flutter kicks per PAX.  Finished on the bell at 6:15.  Third flyover with 10 Burpee salute (technically, it was toward the end of COT, but YHC is not one to miss the opportunity for a nice pattern).


Michelin 5K (8/15/15) – $8 registration fee.  Domer is looking for others from this AO to join him.

See you in the gloom!  Aye!

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