Marathon Ruck 02/27/2015 at 10:00 pm

  • Workout Date - 04/01/2023
  • Q In Charge - Hee-Haw
  • The PAX - All are welcome
  • AO -

The word has been getting out for a while now that we will have a Marathon Ruck here in Columbia, and this pre-blast is to let you know it is a reality. #TClaps to Promo for the route design.


3 loops of a 9.5 mile course in the downtown / Rosewood areas. Total distance ~ 28.5 miles.

This is going to be a challenge but remember this is not a race. This is a ruck. Those that choose to take this #RedPill will do so together, and will finish together. #OneTeamOneFight

Here is a link to the route:

Where and When:

We will meet at Dreher High School, side/back parking lot at 9:45 pm for quick briefing. Launch is at 10:00 pm sharp.

Who’s invited and What to Bring:

All are welcome to take on this challenge, but you must bring a ruck. How much weight you choose to carry is solely up to you, but you must have a ruck.

Other required items:

(Note: your participation is entirely voluntary, but should you choose to participate, then bring these things at a bare minimum)

-Water Bladder (2L to 3L)
-Back-Up water source (i.e. Nalgene bottle, etc.)
-Food (goos, sandwiches, cliff bars, etc.)
-Reflective PT belt/straps (attached to rear of your ruck)
-Head-Lamp (with back-up batteries)
-Photo ID
-$20 quitter’s cash
-Chem. Light and/or Blinking Light (for added safety)

We will not be performing PT, and there will be no water submersion, so feel free to bring your phone with you.

Also, we have designed the route to be a loop, so that we will be going by our cars at the beginning of each loop. So, you can keep a change of clothes, foot care items, additional food, additional water, etc. in your vehicle. We will stop at our cars for a brief period of time each loop, so that the pax can access those items.

If anyone wants to #Shadow this event (i.e. follow along sans-ruck for some and/or all of the march) you are welcome to.

Remember, this is completely voluntary and definitely #CSAUP.

HC in the comments below and/or on Twitter.

Let’s do this.

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