Manmaker Mosey

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
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12 men showed up for Snowden’s Manmaker Marathon in the Frozen Tundra at the Burbs.


SSH X 12

IW X 12

Broadjump/Bear Crawl Relay x 3min (Pax lines up shoulder to shoulder and has to broad jump 7 yards and Bear Crawl back for 3 minutes straight)  #therewasmoaningduringwarmups

Main Thang:

Manmaker Mosey: Count off in groups of 3 and line up.  3 men would run at a time carrying 15lb or 10lb dumbells around the soccer field, stop half way and perform 10 manmakers, finish back at the start and hand off the dumbells to the next group of 3.  Meanwhile, all pax not running performed an exercise till runners returned.  Completed 12 rounds.

Round 1: Starbursts

Round 2: Thurster Merkins (2 legged mountain climber with a merkin at the end)

Round 3: Lunges

Round 4: Calf Jumps (hands on the shoulders of the guy in front of you and jump till runners return)

Round 5: Jack Webbs

Round 6: Jacques Cousteau

Round 7: Sumo Squats

Round 8: Merkins

Round 9: Air Humpers

Pause:  Plank of Man for 1 minute:  Pax lays on the ground and locks heels on the shoulders of the guy behind them, up to plank position and hold for 1 minute.

Audible to Shoulder Presses instead of Manmakers for the runners.

Round 10: Heels to Heaven

Round 11: Sumo Squats

Round 12: Diamond Merkins


30 sec intervals for Mary with no stopping: Leg Throws, LBC’s, Russian Twists, Heel Touchers, Bicycles


Snowden was proud as there was some serious complaining going on from some that never complain.  #pledge #loveputtingahurtingonayoungster

Tried a new workout and the Pax seemed to like it. Burbs is growing and it was a pleasure to lead the men.  Thanks for showing up all!

1/25 Men’s backpacking retreat and Legacy Park:  Iceman has the Q and is bringing the pain he says!

1/29 Epee’s send off

2/1 1 year anniversary at Legacy Park

Drifter 6K: Awesome race w/ great gifts for a great cause, sign up here Post race Milwaukee’s Best ICE to celebrate the birth of Gritch.  Triple beatdown that day if you want.


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