Making Men Out of Boys

  • Workout Date - 08/25/2016
  • Q In Charge - THE (HARD HAT) Soon to the symbol formally know at THE HARDHAT
  • The PAX - Top Water, Slap Chop, San Diago, Bartman, THE (HARD HAT) Soon to the symbol formally know at THE HARDHAT
  • AO -

Pulled in on two wheels and no Q. THE HARD HAT is a man so he stepped up for the Q. Nothing Planned so what follows is a general outline of the greatness that I bestowed on the lucky few that pulled their sorry butts out of the fartsack this morning.

Disclaimer – I am a professional so don’t even attempt to do everything that I say. You will get hurt if you do. 

Warm-up – SSH IC, Crab Crunches IC, Merkins IC, LBAC big and small, Castaway inspired stretches. 

Mosey to Block Pile – Pick out a block of your choice. When we are moving with the block it must be held High above your heads at all time. (The PAX did call me out once during the workout for not doing this.)

Man-Maker Circle – This is where I informed the PAX that my mission this morning was to turn them into MEN. One PAX does a man maker with the block while the other hold the blocks over their heads. Did several round of this. Then did some curls and triceps extensions. 

Mosey without blocks to back of church retaining wall. 10 man ups followed by 10 perfect squats. Repeat several times

Mosey to new gym. – Dips

Mosey to front of church for core stuff

Mosey back to blocks – Swinging Al’s while one PAX farmers carry two blocks across parking lot to fire hydrant and back. Mixed in some sumo squats because PAX felt Swinging Al’s hurt too much. Not doing it right then. 

We then did more manly stuff with the blocks like curls, presses, squats, etc. 

Put blocks back a Indian Run out to street and back up. 

Mary will be sprints across parking lot with core after each sprint. All kind of fun core like crab crunches, flutters, box cutters, Rosie, Dolly. V-ups, etc. 

Who Feels like a Man Now!

Circle – Prayers for people battling illness, convergence at Station this weekend, F3 Golf in Oct. 

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