Making improvising great again.

  • Workout Date - 12/26/2016
  • Q In Charge - Whisper & Thumper
  • The PAX - Road Trip, Benign, Katniss, Lite Brite, Faulkner (aka Save the Males), Whisper, Thumper, Piper
  • AO -

There was rumor that there was going to be a Flay sighting today for Q, but looking at the tweeter history, I see that this wasn’t quite confirmed.    So, Whisper and I had an improv Co-Q (isn’t that a supplement of some sort) that proved to be fun (I guess that’s a word for it).   Good to have Katniss visiting from Raleigh today.   Enough with the chit chat!


W/U – Thumper

SSH x 50IC

Dancing Bears x 40IC

IW 30 x IC


Indian run to the yet to be named hill we use in Poinsettia.


Merkins at the bottom, Squats at the top

Transition 1-4 Bear Crawl up, run down

Transition 5-7 Lunge Walk up, run down

Transition 7-9 Sprints up, run down

Back to Thumper:

Indian back to the wall…

11s w/ no transition:

Irkins on the wall and dips, in cadence

Indian run back to the flag


Das Flutter – 50IC

Tempo LBC – 40IC

Freddie Mercury – 20IC


GHS Half Marathon and 5K:

January GoRuck Tough, all your friends are doing it, and you can too:


Katherine – Breast Cancer

Weeks Family – Patricia weeks passed away on 12/23, prayers for the family

Drake – continued prayers for Drake and the My Little Brony Family

As always, honor to lead and hang out with you gaggle of weirdos.






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