Major Payne Beatdown

  • Workout Date - 06/26/2014
  • Q In Charge - Posh
  • The PAX - Spongebob, Louie, Wrinkle, Evader, Sherpa, King James, FNG Taylor Liles (Huffy), FNG Brian Robinson (Short Circuit)#hehasadog #metoo, Banjo, Bibb, Bartman, San Diago, Snowden, Holla, Hard Hat, Earth Mover, Placebo, Erector, FNG Blane Babb (Shannon Faulkner), Johnny 5, Alfred, Annie Oakley, Ahnold, Golden Sombrero, Radar, Billie Jean, Posh
  • AO -

Major Payne Beatdown
My name is Major Benson Winifred Payne, and I’ll be your YHC this morning, minus the baldness and gold tooth! I’m gon make you boys strowng! If he in there, he ain’t happy! #fartsack

Surprisingly, 27 cadets were determined to rise from their smelly sacks to receive the rigorous beatdown from Pimp Daddy Payne! Little did they know, single count exercises from a single guy would bring about multiple sore muscles. I hope that gave your morning the sense of accomplishment we strive for.

Smurf jacks*15

More Payne:
Four corners of MRPC:
Fairy jacks*15
LBCs*25 #one,tubbytubby.two,tubbytubby
Rinse and repeato
Plank exercises till everyone returns, led by Payne, himself.

Terds to maggots:
Mosey to field.
All OYO!
25*Air squats, then cross the field.
25*Jump lunges, #oddcountmumblechatter then, back across.
15*Werkins, back across.
25*Speed skaters, ya get the idea. #poshdoeslegs? #surpriseHardHat
25*Air humpers
15*Diamond Merkins
Bunny hop stadium seating.
Mosey back, Turds!

Payne stations:

Military games:
5*Jack knife squats (each leg)
25*russian twists
5*Jack knife squats
25*freddie mercuries
5*Jack knife squats
Rinse and repeato

You want me gon boy?
I said do you want me gon boy?
10*Diamond Merkins

6MoM: You getcha chance!
Announcements: Powdersville (the Powderkeg) launch on 6/28/14 at 0700, meeting at Starbucks on Pelham at 0615 to carpool. Workout is at Marathon Church. Domer Simpson and Iceman have the Q, so be prepared for an awesome beatdown, need numbers there!
Banjo, along with Bartman, was pleased with the bible study turn out yesterday with 12 PAX present, way to go fellas! Bible study is every Wednesday @ 1145 hours and goes until 1230 hours @ Tupelo Honey, meet at the yellow chairs. Banjo has the Q July 2, everybody is welcome! Coming soon to a social media network available to you. #tweetthat
Bartman, along with myself, have been impressed with the dedication of all of The Swamp Rabbit region PAX and their regular posting efforts and involvement. Keep up the hard work, and we hope you are getting what you want out of it.
Beastside Wednesday at 0515 hours, time intervals.
Spearhead launch 6/29 led by The Hoff @ Furman, not sure on time, but comment on here and I can find out for you if I can’t make it.

Prayer Requests:
1D and his continuous recovery, we appreciate you still coming out for moral support when you can.
EC and his ankle, hope to see you Saturday brother.
Erector and his family, everyone has to be strong when a loved one has difficulties.
Punkin’ spice and his shin, hopefully nothing serious, we are prayin’ for you brothers.
Grit, praying for you to get healthy and join us, again buddy!
Y’all are an inspiration to all of us to persevere through whatever is troubling us in our lives. Get well, and we are looking forward to seeing your ugly mugs in the gloom. #respect
Congrats to FNG Blane Babb, (Shannon Faulkner), on his two month old baby boy.
Welcome to F3 brother, and to Brian and Blane, as well! Hope I got your names correct. #clueless

Thanks again for everyone who posted this morning! You guys made the workout! I enjoyed it, and look forward to many more. #ehhehehe #downPAYNEment #yallownedit #Godbless



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