MainThang on the Fly

  • Workout Date - 02/11/2016
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - San Diago, PETA, Double Windsor (Respect), Erector, Earthmover
  • AO -

5 gentlemen gathered in the downtown gloom today expecting a Spongebob special Q. 5:15 came and went with no Spongebob so YHC took the reins. Here’s what went down.

SSH x 17 IC
IW x 15 IC

Mosey down Broad past all the TV trucks (#debate) and around the Peace Center to Wyche Pavillion. A few rounds of bear crawls, backwards runs and Karaokes to get warmed up. Some pax didn’t realize if you change the direction you’re facing you are karaokeing (is that a word?) the same way. @PETA

Lunge walk the #bridgeacrossthereedy and gather at the now #hallschophouse steps. #joehendrix the first landing then 5 squats per step to the top.

Head over to Falls Park. Pax calls out exercise then moseys around the #circlethingy while other pax do the exercise. 3 rounds of this. Exercises included-burpees, werkins, dips, SSH, diamond derkins, step ups, squat jumps, fairy jacks.

Mosey to #libertybridge. Pax 1 does burpees while other pax run the bridge and back. @sandiago was a rebel and ran the circle the opposite way. Each pax got 4 rounds of bridge sprints and 1 round of burpees

5 squats per step up the passarelle steps to Main

Head back down Main, down steps to bottom of PC steps. Stop and view the bright as the sun TV lights set up for news crews. 5 squats per step up the PC steps. Bunny hop the last set. One last set of steps next to PC – 5 squats per step.

10 WWII situps OYO
Glutebridges #iceman special. Can’t publish the new name for this created by @sandiago. Need to ask him

Lots of fun and 2ndF with a relatively small group today. Great having @erector visit from Greer. Look for him at an AO near you as he’s in a traveling mood these days.
Convergence Saturday at #libertybridge
Prayers spoken and unspoken



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