MABnificent 7

  • Workout Date - 06/08/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Fire Marshall Bill, Beaker, Mr. Bojangles, Billy Bob, Tanneyhill, Orangepeel, FNG Brian Sipe-F3 Squirts, Revival, Manhole, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

10 PAX…YES you read that right- 10 PAX at EYE OF THE TYGER this morning including 1 FNG. Welcome Brian Sipe (F3 Squirts). The MABnificent 7 was something YHC had used one time at THE STATION, but this morning it was modified and expanded. The idea was loosely based around the dominance of the # 7. It was  a perfect morning for a beatdown. How did it go you ask? Read on!

Conditions: 70 degrees, cloudy, and very damp

Warm Up:
7 Merkins IC
7 Vertical Jumps OYO
Rinse and repeat x3
7 Peter Parkers IC
7 Heels to Heaven OYO
Rinse and Repeat x3
7 Burpees OYO

The Main Thang:
Indian Run to the center of the ball park
There is a sundial in the middle of this circle at the park, so we’ll call these:
Sundial Burpees
Starting at oak trees-
7 Burpees and then run across sundial to opposite side and up hill to the palm trees (approx 40 yards)- when at palm trees 7 Burpees and then run back to oak trees.
Rinse and Repeat 7 times… that’s right- 98 Burpees.
While waiting for the PAX to finish:
28 Mountain Climbers IC
Head to the center of the sundial and partner up:
20 Partner Leg Throws per PAX
SPRINKLERS! YHC sees a tunnel- let’s retreat there for a little cover….or Balls to the Wall I mean.
10 Balls to the Wall OYO
Head out of the other side of the tunnel to the base of the tower, grab a bench
20 Dips OYO
20 Derkins OYO
10 Single Leg Step Up Each Leg OYO
28 Freddy Mercury’s IC
Line up for Indian Run back to the Flag to meet Mary

4 MOM:
7 Oblique Crunches  Each Side IC
Rinse and Repeat x3


F3 Iron Works tenative BBQ on June 28th- details to follow

Prayers for Manhole’s step-dad.(Bobby Segers) Had some health issues w/ pancreas on Memorial Day, and it go pretty severe. Was on ventilator through yesterday and he woke up and looked around- PRAISE!- prayers for continue Healing.

Prayers to Tanneyhill’s Sister-in-law and her marriage. Going through a very difficult time. Pray that God moves in both lives to bring them back together. Healing.

Prayers for Squirts as he travels for next couple months, for safety and provision, and for his family as he is away.

Continued Prayers for Mr. Roger’s sister, good report on baby. Also pray for safe travels for Mr. Rogers as he is on vacation.


YHC felt like a proud poppa this morning seeing 10 PAX show up on a Monday morning. Let’s keep it up fellas! Have a great week and we’ll see you in the gloom.

Mab Mab

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  1. Outstanding work, Mab Mab. Time for the PAX at Eye of the Tyger to step up to lead. Mab’s put in a huge amount of effort to get this thang off the ground for the past month. Time to pay him back. Sign up to Q, bring an FNG or three and help grow this effort.;

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