Ma Hairs on Fire

  • Workout Date - 11/07/2018
  • Q In Charge - Lt. Dangle
  • The PAX - Coxswain (War Daddy),Hot For Teacher (the one and ONLY), Look Out Below, Soccer Mom, No Show, Cockpit, Turban,
  • AO - Tower of Terror

YHC was tired of begging for Q’s and stepped up! A lil-something was thrown together as Lt. Dangle walked out the door….. Oh yeah I do have a sandbag in my car:)

Mission Statement: Nailed it!

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, modify….or not! Suck it up and do the work!

Warm up:

A Third Base inspired starty thingy?

  • Side Straddle Hop X 100
  • Double Count Mountain Climbers X 100
  • Lets Indian Run with the #60 bag? Bag goes from the front, to the back, last person with the bag runs to the front…repeat (this one needs some work!) Grab some blocks and off to the parking lot.

The Thang

8 stations for 8 PAX! HAIR BURNER was the timer. Island to curb then rotate positions.

1: Bear Crawl Block Drags

2: Curls

3: Tri-Cep extension

4: Hair Burners (Timer)

5: Shoulder Press

6: Decline Merican’s

7: Squats

8: #60lb bag… snatch, press, squat, throw=repeat


Flash Ab’s



Announcements: Grinch 5K, Deuceable, Spartan Run


  • Prayers for clean results from McKenzie’s recent brain scan
  • Prayers for No Show and his Neuro appt!
  • Friday and Friday After Next


Lt. Dangle

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