• Workout Date - 06/15/2021
  • Q In Charge - Roadtrip
  • The PAX - Flo (R), Upstate, Church Lady (R), Thin Mints, Heidi, Jackknife (FNG), Whisper (R), Pine Tar, Toll Booth (R), Brady Bunch (R), Cockpit, Peekaboo, Jelly Filled, 1 Direction, Tebow, Handrail, Turtle Wax, Wifi (R), Red Rider, ATM (no, just kidding)
  • AO - Pitchfork

20 PAX beat the sunrise for an escalating ride that somehow only went down in a crash n burn tailspin. 6 PAX earned respect while all PAX finished a smoker of a workout. If you weren’t there, you missed it, so enjoy your Little Debbies. Sorry this one ran a little late, but that was to ensure Church Lady got a full 45 min workout.

66 degrees with dense tropical humidity. Makes it fell hotter than Dutch love…Soccer Mom knows what Im talking about.

You know why we’re here. Check F3Nation.com on your lunch break if you are unsure.

Im not a professional, neither are you. Modify as needed and don’t sue.

SSH IC x 23
Windmill IC x 19
IW IC x 21

Mosey to the short wall for further instructions

Start with 10 Muscle Ups followed by a lap on the outer ring. Modify to the inner loop if necessary. Exercise stations are 50 feet apart.
10 MU – 7 Burpees – Lap
10 MU – 7 Burpees – 14 Lunges – Lap
10 MU – 7 Burpees – 14 Lunges – 21 IW – Lap
10 MU – 7 Burpees – 14 Lunges – 21 IW – 28 Merkins – Lap
10 MU – 7 Burpees – 14 Lunges – 21 IW – 28 Merkins – 35 Plank Jacks – Lap
10 MU – 7 Burpees – 14 Lunges – 21 IW – 28 Merkins – 35 Plank Jacks – 42 Squats – Lap
10 MU – 7 Burpees – 14 Lunges – 21 IW – 28 Merkins – 35 Plank Jacks – 42 Squats – 49 Big Boys – Lap

Early finishers pick up the 6 for their final lap. Return to the flag.

Monkey Humper Ring of Fire
All PAX assume the monkey position. 1st does 10 MH, then the 2nd PAX does 10 MH and so on until all PAX have done 10. All PAX remain in MH position until all have completed 10.

4th of July Convergence – Its on July 4th, thats about all we know. Details forthcoming
Come spend the month in Charleston for the Tour de Charleston. Its not a bike race but you do earn points at different AOs. The PAX with the most points will have the most points and you can spend them on laffy taffy in the prize room.

Thin Mints – Son at Palmetto State
Church Lady – mom is out of hospital & recovering at home
Upstate – friend Vince’s daughter recovering 7 weeks in a coma after a car accident
Pine Tar – No Bar’s father in law
1D/Wifi – Luce family

Final Totals –
80 Muscle Ups
49 Burpees
84 Lunges
105 Imperial Walkers
112 Merkins
105 Plank Jacks
84 Squats
49 Big Boy Sit Up
1.6 Miles

While YHC was planning a smoking weinke, the jingle of text new messages became quite distracting. Turns out is was ATM inquiring about the F3 workout group. He signed off with “I’ll see you tomorrow.” At least that’s what I think he said.

Heidi drug his Eastside Screaming Eagle 2.0 out of the summer vacation fartsack and a TL Hanna Yellow Jacket drug him all over a parking lot. Turns out nothing has changed since 1990. TL! TL! TL! After sharing some limited details about backtracking on his main squeeze, Maddy, he somehow ended up as “Jackknife.” I dont’t know what happened on that first date and I’m not sure he does either. Whatever the case, Maddy is gonna love those new swole pectorals. You’re welcome.

YHC also observed Red Rider with a smile on his face as he lapped the parking lot. Not sure what that means, but Im pretty sure Whisper could lure him to the next P200 team event.

Speaking of 2.0s, 1D’s Tebow was offering up motivational incentives to the older fluffier PAX for lapping a 22 year old. We wont mention he was “planking” face down in the gutter in a pool of sticky sweat, but hey, he was still talking smack.

Post workout, Whisper was Swullocking, aka as humidity hair. Probably from pulling a late night water pump exchange from Old Blue, which probably had something to do with 2 years of transporting coupons from AO to AO. He mentioned it probably would have been easier if we didn’t do that workout.

Urban left the conversation and all area ATM’s are out of order.

RT out