Lucky Number 7's

  • Workout Date - 09/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - Guvnah
  • The PAX - Sanchez, Squeal, White Walker, Clapper, Montross, Aflac, Rocky Top, Squints, Rusty, Cataracts, Wah Wah
  • AO -

12 brave souls resisted the urge of the fartsack and gathered at The Tank Yard for a seven themed rendevous.


SSH x 20

IW x 20

Mt Climbers x 20

The Thang

This morning featured 7 seven pain stations with two exercises each .  First set of the exercise would include 6 reps, second would include one rep…second set would be 5 and 2, third would be 4 and 3….yada yada yada.

Pain Stations included:

  1. Merkins and Situps with a hill sprint between each

2. Box Jumps and Dips

3. Hand Stand Pushups and Calf Raises

4. Lunges (double count) and LBCs

5. Squat Jumps and Russian Twists (double count)

6. Burpees and a new core workout dubbed ‘the Bruce Jenner’ = all PAX lined up seated.  Feet in the air (similar to a russian twist) and a 25lb kettlebell was passed down the line.  Everyone’s feet had to remain off the ground during the entire passing of kettlebell.  We almost dropped the kettlebell once – and had an impromptu Bruce Jenner moment – thereby a name for the exercise was born

7. Basketball court sprints and Peter Parkers


:30 elbow plank –> 20 Mt Climbers (double count) OYO –>:45 elbow plank –> 20 Mt Climbers (double count) OYO –> 1:00 elbow plank ; no rest between exercises


  • Be on the look out for upcoming Golf Tournament. Check back blasts for details
  • Prayers for Rocky Top’s sister
  • Prayers for Montross’ sister
  • Thoughts and Prayers for Squeal as his court situation continues

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