Lucky Number 18

  • Workout Date - 05/03/2014
  • Q In Charge - Denied
  • The PAX - Seal, Data, Denied
  • AO -

YHC just rolled in from Louisville after a long 2 days at the Churchill Downs.  With no good intentions of showing my face tonight at #NightOps, I get an EH from Seal.  Can’t turn the guy down, so YHC agreed to post, err, Q.  There was a condition that if we ran a lot, YHC could almost promise #merlot, after all, Kentucky is known for a particular adult beverage that YHC couldn’t resist…for 2 long days.  YHC thought it was only fitting after last nights Derby to share with the PAX my new favorite number, lucky number 18.  This was the number for American Pharoah in the race last night and this horse won, which in turn insured that I had an even better weekend.  So enough about #winning, here we go…

Warm up
18 Burpees OYO
18 High Knee Jumps
18 Merkins

The rest of the story…
Mosey past the Vietnam Memorial, left over the walking bridge, left again towards Woodland Way
Stop at the big pipes right before Woodland Way, 18 Dips, I think we did another 18 here, maybe LBC’s??
Mosey towards the bridge on Woodland way to attempt to cross the bridge, yeah, it’s gone. Being the resourceful guy Seal is, he put on his flippers and crossed the Reedy. Data and I followed. #wetfeet
Stop to dry feet for a minute, 18 more merkins
Next station is the monkey/pull up bars by the volleyball court.
6 pull ups, 6 Merkins REAPETO until you’ve hit your 18 total reps
It was at this point that YHC started to get winded badly, confused, and regretting my decision to POST much less Q.
We run back the Memorial, hang a left and get on the Swamp Rabbit running parallel to Cleveland Park Dr.
Make another stop at a big tree, because I needed a minute. 18 crunchy frogs, 18 Freddie Mercs.
Run to the end of the path and there is a small hill, about 20 yards total with a 3% grade, I almost lost it. #Merlot was immanent at this point. Luckily Seal and Data walked with me for a few seconds so YHC would not have to write in my backblast that the Q #merlot’d.
Ran a little more until we found a hill off the path going up to McDaniel
Stairway to heaven Up to 7 with Carolina Drydocks and Russian twists, then back down to one, while we ran the hill in between.
14 minutes, left, let’s head back to the flag
stop at the Memorial for 18 incline merkins, Joe Hendrix up the stairs
Mosey back to the flag. Seal wanted to Jailbreak, I let him, I was glad to be bringing up the 6 running and alive.
Flutters to 18 IC
Another sit up something or another from Seal, it hurt, 18 IC
Rosalita’s to 18 IC
Seal called time before I could call out 18 more burpees. That would have been the nail in the coffin for YHC.
Data just told me we ran for 2.6 miles, I believe him.


Warrior Dash, June 6th
Fluud Run, May 30th
#NightOps- need to bring more attention to this AO. It’s #Lions Den for those that don’t want to wake up early.  Might be the best AO we have.

Seal’s Friend
Denied’s Friend

Thanks for getting me through it Seal and Data! I shouldn’t have been there, but I was, and it hurt, and now I am better for it.

Denied out…

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  1. Great job Denied! If its any consolation, I really couldn’t tell you were sucking wind. It was a good pace with plenty of variety. I’m looking forward to your next Q. Hate I missed Matinee today. Parentteacher conference ran long.

    We need to incorporate that river into more workouts. 😉

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