LSD in the frosty Powder Keg

  • Workout Date - 02/11/2016
  • Q In Charge - Boomhauer
  • The PAX - Gauge, TeaBag, Gluten, Seal, Keystone, Whoopie, Brown Shorts, Clapper, Taylor Swift, Red Wire, Carl's Jr., Padre, Inspector Gadget, Tiny Dancer and Boomhauer
  • AO -

Sure it was 23 degrees, but 15 men got stronger and lighter on their feet.  Even our brother seal, with his banged up wing, joined in for some LSD, long slow distance loops of the AO, fending off frost bite and the desire to stop and freeze.

Announcements:  Clown car leaving AO at 0600 on the 13th headed to Bowman Field in Clemson for the launch.  Padre driving;  Palmetto 200, need 2 drivers to spectate while others indulge in excess; Marine Corps Mud run April 30.  This is a great one. get a team together

Prayer Requests:  Twerken’s Mom.  Bacterial infection very serious; Gadget’s college friend PSA level and our brother Seal’s recovery.  So awesome to have his presence with us this morning and pray his recovery is 100% and as quickly as the Lord sees fit.

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