Lowering the median age at Golden Strip

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  • Workout Date - 10/04/2018
  • Q In Charge - Beamer
  • The PAX - Zebco, Whisper, NYOPT, Peek-a-Boo, Ron Swanson, FNGJ Crew, Cyclone, Strange Brew, Fred, Sticky Willy, FNG Mrs. Potts, CheeseSteak, Short Stick, Take 5, 1D, Road trip, Slingblade, YHC
  • AO - Golden Strip

*This BB is form the workout on 10/4, but due to technical difficulties I’ve been unable to post until now*

Zebco was able to pressure me into taking on my Virgin Q later this month, on the 11th.  But when he found out the day job would be taking him out of town on the 11th, he volun-told me I was Qing on the 4th, with about 24hrs heads up.  Nothing like a last minute Virgin Q to get you pumped up! YHC got no sleep the night before, and jumped out of the fartsack eager to  get to Golden Strip

18 PAX , including a an FNG, rolled out of the fartsack and into the gloom for my first Q…here we go

Mission statement: Nailed it

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, don’t hurt yourself


SSH in cadence x20

FNG Mrs. Potts emerges from the gloom for the last couple SSH, bringing the PAX to 19 with 2 FNGs

Imperial walkers in cadence x 20

The Thang:

Mosey around the school to the playground.  First exercise is Sevens with Pull-ups and Burpees.  YHC didn’t anticipate such a big turnout, and there wasn’t a lot of room for people to do pull ups.  as such, half the group worked up from burpees (1 burpee…6 pullups) and half the group worked up form pull ups (1 pulll up…6 burpees).   Add in some running around the playgorund in between sets to spread the PAX out a bit.

Plank up until the PAX is done

Mosey over to the hill and partner up for a Dora 1-2-3: 100 merkins, 200 American Hammers (double count), 300 Squats.  YHC thought he heard some grumbling about the double count hammers…maybe they need to be four count next time….

Form two lines for an Indian run back to the flag, thorw in a lap around the parking lot for good measure


Freddie Mercuries IC x30

Flutters IC x 30

American Hammers IC x30…until I had to tap out at 15


-Drake Raydon 5k Charity run is on October 13th , see Whisper for details

-Prayers to the family of Darth Visor and F3Alpha

-Prayers for Officers shot in Florence and their familes

Shout-uot to FNGs J Crew (Matthew Arnold) and Mrs. Potts (Chasen Born) for showing up today.  If we keep getting these FNGs out here the Hates may outnumber the Respects during COT

It was an honor to lead everyone for the first time, YHC is looking forward to many more Qs in the future

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