Low Cal Crab Cakes? PowderKeg is SERVED!

  • Workout Date - 09/29/2016
  • Q In Charge - Gluten
  • The PAX - Mr. Burns, WarBaby - Guard Shack, Seal, Brown Shorts, WarDaddy - Whittle, T-Bag, Boomhauer, Duplo, Slug and YHC, Gluten.
  • AO -

It’s dark, it’s starry-skied, it’s like 52 degrees and BOOM, Brown Shorts says it’s 0530! It’s time! Hungry? PowderKeg is SERVED! Crab Cakes? I’m a Registered Dietitian, what did you expect? Let the mumblechatter begin! YHC’s the Q and it’s gonna make you better, so let’s…


  • CrabCakes, IC x 15
  • MountainClimbers, IC x 15
  • TheHillBilly, IC X 15
  • PrisonerSquats, IC X 15
  • SideStradleHop, IC X 15

Let’s Mosey to The Sheds… we know what’s there! Heavy Coupons, Grab one of the usual heavy blocks and let’s get busy with…


  • OverHeadPress, on my count X 10,
  • TriCepExtensions, on my count X 10,
  • 21, no let’s make it 30Guns, Low, High & FullRange, on my count, each Range X 10, with hold at end of each range,
  • BentOverRows, on my count x 10,
  • HugYaBuddy Squats, IC x 10 and put’em away… now,
  • From the designated Line (between The Sheds), YHC called for a lunge walk that went the designated length of concrete to where the asphalt starts. ABOUT FACE for a lunge walk return to the scene of the crime… Yes, I thought about the PAX grabbing their favorite block again for a Rinse & Repeat session of our BLOCK-o-RAMA. Maybe next time! Let’s mosey to the Front Entrance and get our UpSideDowN…
  • BallsToTheWall position, HipSlappers, OYO X3, crawl down into PLANK Position, for…
  • Alternating Shoulder Touches, OYO X 10, crawl  back up into a… Yep, RINSE & REPEAT! After completing three (3) sets, YHC instructs the PAX to form a…
  • RING-o-FIRE in PLANK Position for 3 sequential CIRCUIT Mericans X 3 with each member of the PAX passing the circuit to the right after rising from the 3rd rep for three completed circuits. Recover. Done here, Let’s Mosey! Turn right and we’ll circle the MC footprint and do the Parking Lot Weave! Let’s give the SIX an opportunity to catch up as we pause for a pearl on a string for…
  • Squats, IC X15. Together again! Let’s continue our mosey into the Potato Masher (a.k.a.  mosey weave through the lower parking lot that runs perpendicular to the upper parking lot.) As we complete the Potato Masher headed back up toward the church, YHC turns right leading the PAX to the lower steps for a not your usual…
  • Joe Hendrix (a.k.a. Backward Bear Crawl up each set of steps) plus one [1] burpee for lower set of steps with the karaoke or as Seal calls it the “Grapevine” across the pavement to next middle set of steps plus two [2] burpees with karaoke facing other side as you make your way across the pavement to the final upper set of steps plus three [3] burpees with karaoke across the pavement to sidewalk at Front Entrance (dejavu… have we been here before? Yep!) Plank up as we wait on the SIX. PERFECT! A fly-over allows us TEN [10] more Burpees! Together again!! Right Arm High, Right Leg High, Right Leg down, Right Arm down – REG-U-LAR! Left Arm High, Left Leg High, Left Leg down, Left Arm down – REG-U-LAR!  Okay we’re done here, let’s mosey to the…
  • People’s Chair, WALL-o-FIRE with sequential Crab Cakes OYO, single count X 10


  • The Dolly, IC X 15
  • The Rosalita, IC X 15
  • HeelsToHeaven, IC X 15
  • LBCs, IC X 15
  • Reverse LBCs, IC X 15


It’s 0615! Stick a fork in, we’re done. HYDRATE, Circle Up, count off, 10 all in, Name-o-RamA, WarBaby GuardShack, WarDaddy Whittle, Announcements… November 12 – Team PowderKeg,  TeamHurricaneAlley, TeamDuplo, TeamSOS? for a Great Cause HOPE RELAY 5K; November 19 22K Walk, at McPherson Park to INCREASE Awareness that 22 Vets commit suicide every day; October 22 HYCO 5K; Prayer Requests: Townville Tragedy, T-Bags sister battling cancer, Padre’s knee, Next Friday 6:30am Men’s Round Table – A Man & His Faith! YHC prayed us out thanking GOD for the fitness, fellowship and FAITh that is growing and for an increased burden/desire that we in F3Nation give this away to SAD CLOWNS everywhere with every opportunity to unshackle modern-day warriors! As always, it’s an honor to call you BROTHERS and experience with you in F3NATION the accountability to do the HARD thing when it would be easy to settle for less! It’s free, but not without sacrifice! Until NEXT time, EH heavy! See you in the gloom! Gluten, out.

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