Love Hurts

  • Workout Date - 02/03/2014
  • Q In Charge - Alfred
  • The PAX - Erector, Footloose, Blue Hawaii, Biofreeze, Wally, iTunes, Cockroach, Play-Doh, Pooh Bear, Bib, Lizard Lick, Oui Oui, Alfred
  • AO -

Conditions: 24 degrees and calm

13 men arose from their warm beds to let off some steam on the frozen tundra of #TheStation.

Warm Up

SSH x 15 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang

“Let’s Mosey”… and the #mumblechatter was off to a start already. Mosey around the pond in search of a hill. The only hill we found was littered with trees and light posts. This isn’t going to work. Biofreeze suggests the hill behind the amphitheater. Good idea, “Let’s go!” Mosey on up to the amphitheater via Cannon St.

Line up at the base of the hill for 1D’s squat builder. Link up arms and run up the hill backwards as a group. 1 Squat at the top. Mosey back to the base. Repeat with 2 squats, 3 squats, up to 10. Easy at first, can’t feel your legs by the end.

Next up; the merkin builder. 1 merkin at the base of the hill, bear crawl up, 2 merkins at the top, crab walk down, 3 merkins at the base. Continue pattern until you reach 10 merkins at the top.

Mosey over to the large abnormally not-rectangular field by the entrance to City park. 4 Corners:

Round 1
Corner 1 – 8 Count Body Builders x 10 (Counting to 8 and 10 and the same time is challenging)
Corner 2 – 20 Squats
Corner 3 – 10 oblique plank jacks on each side
Corner 4 – 15 diamond merkins

Round 2
Corner 1 – LBCs x 20
Corner 2 – Russian Twist x 20 IC (Called out by Footloose)
Corner 3 – 10 Tony Hortons on each side (Called out by Blue Hawaii)
Corner 4 – 20 Inside / Outside LBCs (Called out by Footloose)

Plank it up while everyone finishes. Lead by Biofreeze / Footloose.

Let’s mosey back to the circle for “Partner Exercises!” #mumblemumble

Partner up for the following:

Partner 1 holds six inches, while partner 2 jumps over his legs. AMRAP for 1 minute. Flapjack

Time for the “Tunnel of Love” or otherwise known as the “Tunnel of suck”. The #mumblechatter dial was off the scale on this one. The grass was only as hard as concrete. Line up side by side and get in plank position. The guy on the end crawls through the tunnel and then planks up at the end. Continue until everyone has been through the tunnel.

Now let’s do the same thing, except jump over each man’s legs instead of crawling under. Line up again with some space in between. The man on the end goes down the line jumping or side stepping over each man in plank. Continue until the last man makes it down the line.

Still time for some playground exercises. Get back with your partner and wheelbarrow half way across the circle, then leap frog the second half.

Flutter kicks x 10 IC into slow flutter kicks from 11 to 20 IC.

Announcements / Prayers

– Drifter 6K is this Saturday.
– Lots of guys stepping up to Q. Keep up the good work guys.
– Nail Pop from Columbia to Guest Q on the 12th at #TheStation
– Pray for Footloose and some work issues he’s going through
– Pray for Pooh Bear. Moving to Columbia. Lots of things going on right now. Congratulations on the baby on the way.
– Pray for Grrr, recovering from the flu.

It was truly a pleasure to Q today. From the #mumblechatter it must have been a good workout. Please keep the hate mail to a minimum. Look forward to seeing you guys next time in the gloom.

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