Lost and Found

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  • Workout Date - 11/08/2014
  • Q In Charge - Tomato.Bacon.Cheese.
  • The PAX - Beavis, Caviar, Grilled Cheese on a Donut, Satisfry, Mallwalker and T.B.C.
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6 men ignored all warnings fought out of the fartsack and joined YHC for a manhunt in search of a fugitive…more on that later.

Mosey to new area of Hollingsworth, stopped for squats, and found some new hardscaping and walking path. Along the path we stopped for a couple of Joe Hendrix up a steep hill. Then we found our way into the woods.

Trail? What trail? We don’t need no stinking trails. Into the woods we went for an unexpected adventure of sort. Over a creek up an old road stopping occasionally for burpees and squats. Eventually we found our way in a clearing and bolted through some head high ragweed #takeaclaritinandthankmelater . Found a power line and took a left. Planked in a ditch while a police officer drove by. Little did we know we would soon be looking for a fugitive.

Over Salters Road and headed into the mud pit. Stopping again for burpees and squats. That’s when I noticed my phone was missing. Houston we have a problem. Ponch put out a APB. YHC modified my original plan, who am I kidding…I make these things up on the fly, and backtrack to look for the fugitive. We headed back through the mud,across the road, over the ditch to where we came out of the ragweed. Instead of searching for the rest of the time we took off in another direction down the powerlines.

At the bottom of a big hill we took off into the creek #socoldistillcantfeelmybigtoe. Running through, up, over, crisscrossing our way to Verdae Blvd. Did you know there is a tunnel under Verdae? Well six of us do, actually two side by side, and into the tunnel we went. Watch out it’s slippery in the tunnel #Sanchezgoaheadandsayit #thatswhatshesaid. In one tunnel turned around and out the other stopping for some merkins inside.

Climbed up detention ponds back to the powerlines stopping for a bellystart jail break up the big big hill. From there we backtracked the original trail and began searching for the fugitive again. Slowly walking and looking for the missing phone. No one else had a phone on them so we walked slowly and looked. Stopped for some stone presses overhead and stone-squats. Still no phone. Out of the woods still searching we found Mount Hollingsworth. Who knew that mountains could move. Yep. Large mound of dirt covered in grass. We had to explore. Up the mount down the other side. Made sense to Joe Hendrix our way back up. YHC made it about 1/3 before giving in… Kudos to GCOD who slayed the mountain Joe Hendrix style.

Mosied back to the flag around 7:10. No one Doubled Down because the Q kept them out to long.

Time for a quick COT…
-Praise for healthy report from prostate scare in my stepfather Bob.
-Beavis praise for support from his small group
-GCOD reported that he was so scared to post today that he downed 15 Budweisers yesterday
-Caviar was whimpering pretty much the whole time #crybaby
-Kudos for Satisfry coming off of IR
-Mallwalker is a stud

YHC would like to thank those who stuck around to spend another hour looking for my phone. And really appreciates your time. I returned home.

Got the M’s phone. Plugged in the Find my iPhone app and found it in minutes….



Note: photo above was taken by Satisfry (Owen Lucas) modified by YHC…

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