Longbottom's Retribution

  • Workout Date - 06/19/2015
  • Q In Charge - Castaway
  • The PAX - Earthmover, Inspector Gadget, Longbottom, Annie Oakley, THE Funky Bunch, Castaway
  • AO -

A few weeks back Longbottom provided enough of a beatdown to warrant threats of payback – today was the day of retribution and 6 Pax showed up to join in the fun.

Unfortunately, today was also the day that followed yesterday – a day marked by Padre’s Q of relentless punishment. YHC had to dig deep – thankfully I had to make good on my promise to adequately repay Longbottom’s contribution to our general fitness and any thoughts of lightening up due to Padre’s aforementioned beatdown pissed me off.

Today we also continued the tradition started by Sushi last week: the awarding of the DogPound Dogbone of Honor for the Pax giving the greatest effort. The group decides but previous week’s awardee is not allowed to vote. Last week’s initial awardee, Longbottom added the name of this week’s awardee (YHC) on the bone shank of honor (just roll with it folks) – I will have it on hand next week for the handoff. Do what you will when you win it but I’m telling myself it entitles me to steak tonight.

If you haven’t yet visited the DogPound in TR you are missing out. The core group of guys are determined to push themselves to their limits and we have barely begun to explore all of the options presented by the AO.


25 Imperial Walkers

25 SSH

20 Smurfjacks

10 Fairyjacks (YHC made a downward revision from 15 on the fly)

25 Richard Simmons

10/10/10/10 Arm Circles (10 small front, 10 small back, 10 wide front, 10 wide back)

Side-to-side neck stretch (4x)

Palm-to-palm stretch – in front and then in back (2x)

Straight arm/Arm behind head stretch

Fosey (fast Mosey) to playground

Partner up (Size doesn’t matter)

AMRAP pull-ups (or swerkins) while partner does 50 Sumo Leg Lifts (4x total – each partner does 2 rounds of each exercise)

AMRAP merkins while partner does 50 squats (4x total – each partner does 2 rounds of each exercise)

AMRAP dips while partner does 50 Super Skaters (4x total – each partner does 2 rounds of each exercise)

Mosey to TR High (sadly we had to modify for time and were not able to close out with Joe Hendricks up the TR High tennis court steps – we’ll save that guy for next week)

Circle up for time-permitting MARY

25 Flutters

25 Freddie Mercs (YHC forgot to pedal!)

15/15 Hip Humpers (on elbow in side plank position, lift topside hip up to sky and lower back down for 1 rep)

Daddy Long Legs pace Mosey with jailbreak last 30 – 50 yards.




– Five Forks convergence Saturday AM – Padre’s pool workout at 5am with convergence at 7am

– Bazooka Ball

– Beta Sunday Sunrise Service at Gateway Park


– Families and community in Charleston

– Jim at Inspector’s church is dealing with mysterious health issues

– Longbottom’s dad having heart surgery – prayers for safety and healing

– PETA’s parents dealing with contractor/home build situation and college friend whose brother was recently in a bad car accident

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