Live at 5

  • Workout Date - 09/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - Blades
  • The PAX - NSA, Blue Hawaii, Wall-E, Mr. Head, BioFreeze, Dunbledore, 1st Date, Epee, Goose, Kilowatt, Slick Willy, No Bars, Blades (QIC). I am missing one. Sorry I thought I could remember everybody's name. Shout out below who I am missing
  • AO -

5:00: Extra Credit
4 Pax showed up for 30 minutes of running around Greer

530: 13 PAX showed up at the station to join me for a beatdown. Shovel flag was planted and we where off
SSH X 20
Yup that’s it, kept it short and sweet

The Thang:
Mosey to the entrance of the park
Grab a ledge and do the following:
Step ups X20 each leg
Dips X 20

Mosey to first Baptist Church for the main thing #1. Stop on the way and do Merkins while waiting on the six

At the church:
4 corners:
1) Jump Squats X 10
2) Russian Twists X 10 each side
3) Superman Merkins X 10
4) LBC X 10
Repeat till YHC says time. I think we did 5 rounds(?)

Mosey back to the park for the main thing #2
Suicides (Each street light on Poinsett rd is a segment, total of 5:

Merkins X 5
1) Suicide: Sprint forward
Merkins X 5
2) Suicide: Run Backwards
Merkins X 5
3) Bear crawl to first light and back
Merkins X 5
Go grab a ledge and do Dips X 20. Go back to run suicides
Merkins X 5
4) Crab walk to 2nd light and run backwards back
Merkins X 5
5) Suicide: Spring Forward
Merkins X5

Run back for COT

COT: BioFreeze’s Sister had her baby last week! Congratulations!!
Pray for NSA’s family friend’s health and to get better.
No bars and NSA are doing the mud run this week. You guys will do great!
Also Pray for any requests that were said and not said

I had not been to a bootcamp for several weeks now so I wanted to do something that will give me a real kick in the pants. I don’t know about the other 13 guys but this one was tough for me. The last suicide I kept thinking how bad it would look when only the QIC Merlots. But luckily that did not happen.

Some real fast guys showed up this morning. Every exercise 1st date was leading the way. Great job man, way to push me. I did notice that crab walks might be your kryptonite (I will remember this next time I Q the Crucible).
No Bars was killing it during the 4 corners. You and NSA are going to rock the mudrun this weekend. Strong showings from NSA and Goose(he has some wheels on him). Everybody did great today and gave a 100%. Keep it up!

I was impressed by everybody today and thanks for making me better this morning.

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