Lion's, Bear's, Smurf's, Oh my….

  • Workout Date - 09/18/2014
  • Q In Charge - Denied
  • The PAX - Caviar, GCOD (Grilled Cheese on a Doughnut), Gift Rapper, Sparky, Wondercat, Denied
  • AO -

YHC was excited, couldn’t sleep woke up early, prepared some cones for 4 corners of death, was ready to lead my VQ.  5:25AM, it was YHC and Sparky.  Almost pulled an auditable to come join #mainthang when the rest of the pax rolled in.  Oddly enough Gift Rapper, who said I needed to try F3 3 months ago, who has yet to be seen by YHC at any other 1st F, showed up today.  Thanks for the support Gift Rapper!

Sparky, I know you only see 5:30 once a day, thanks for making the trek for my VQ.

NICE WORK BY ALL!!!  Keep posting and getting better!

Lions started roaring promptly at 5:30.

Here is the thang:


IW IC X 25

Upright Mtn Climbers IC x 25

Mtn Climbers IC x 25

Mosey to Bridge on left right past Memorial

Lunge walk over the bridge then line up for Indian Run past the dog park and take a left on Woodlawn Way, but wait there is another bridge.  Got to lunge walk it, so we did.

Mosey to monkey bars just past the kitty litter.

YHC doesn’t have a name for this, but it sounded fun.

5 pull-ups followed by 20 merkins followed by 30 squats, rinse and repeat 4X, but drop a pull up each time all the way down to 0.  YHC pulled an auditable and asked the PAX to do pull-ups until failure on the final set.

Totals for this stunt was at least 15 pull-ups, 100 merkins, 150 squats

Next was mosey to the big field at the corner for oddly enough 4 corners.  YHC had spaced out cones at corners about 50-75 yards long and 25 yards wide, best guess on distance it was dark.

Round 1

Plank Jacks X10 at each corner, jailbreak the long distance, bear crawl the short distance

Round 2

Plank Jacks X10, Carolina Dry Dock x10, same as above, jailbreaks and bear crawls

Round 3

Plank Jacks X10, Carolina Dry Dock X10, Smurf Jacks x 10, Jailbreaks and bear crawls

#merlotwasspilled during this last round, YHC was rather smoked and a little dizzy himself at the time.  It was mentioned later this morning that this third round put some, um, Justifier’s in the dirt, if you will.

Mosey back to the flag for 6MOM

LBC’s, Flutter’s, Rosie’s, Russian Twists, Dealer’s choice to Caviar who recommended Freddie Merc’s.  All X20 IC.


Announcements: GCOD reminded Pax of F3 Connect that starts today at Fried Green Tomatoes @ 11:30.  Zorro is speaker.

Prayer Requests: Sparky asked for prayers for a friend in Simpsonville

Thanks for those that showed up.  I thoroughly enjoyed leading my first F3 workout and can’t wait to do it again.

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