Lighting the Fuse in the Rain

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Gluten, Face. Doolittle, Inspector Gadget, Iceman, FNG Jonah - Baluga, FNG Josh - Home Alone
  • AO -

7 men ignored the British Open like weather, planted the shovel flag and put in a downPAINment at PowderKeg.

Here’s what went down
SSH x30
Face came in on 2 wheels here and joined us for the rest of the workout
IW x21
Jethro Bodine x5 (merkin/leg thruster combo – 1:2 ratio) #sneakyhard

Partner up for weight circuit

Sandbag sleds – push along the ground for 40 yds, 5 manmakers or burpees at 1/2 way point and return. Sleds set the pace for the remaining exercises
Chest press – using cinder blocks
Upright row – using kettlebell
Curls – using bricks
Each team works through the circuit, then repeato

Mosey to side of bldg
P1 – people’s chair
P2 – low plank
Hold for 1 min, flapjack, repeato #thatwasalong4mins

Mosey to picnic shelter

10 derkins
10 diamond merkins
10 werkins
10 Bulgarian split squats
10 air humpers
10 jump lunges
Take a short lap, repeato #Snowdenwouldbeproud

Mosey to shovel flag
South Cackalacky RR / North Cackalacky subway

Mosey to paved hill beside church
P1 – backward run up hill, mosey back down
P2 – squats until P1 returns
F/j, repeato x4

6MOM (with bricks)
Flutter press x20
Russian twist x10
LBC x20

Naked Moleskin
– Great work by the group this morning with a lot of new exercises. Much respect to @Gluten and @Inspector Gadget who give 100% and exhibit a never say die attitude.
– Awesome diversity in this small group – ages ranged from 16 to 53

Announcements / Prayer Requests
– @Doolittle”s neighbor
– @Home Alone”s grandmother
– @Mayhem’s wife
– Passengers/familes of the Maylasia flight that crashed
– Spicoli and Erector

– Q School this Tues 7/22 – Peace Center downtown (0530 – 0615)
– Kettlebell clinic this Wed 7/23 – Peace Center downtown (0515 – 0630)

See ya in the gloom…..


5 thoughts on “Lighting the Fuse in the Rain”

  1. What do you end up with at the Powder Keg when all former FNGs for this AO show up for the same work out? Can we use this comment thing as a impromptu “ROLL CALL” – of sorts?
    What was this, our 5th edition of Powder Keg?

    #5 – [2 FNGs] Baluga – Jonah (sorry for earlier misspelling, Jonah); Home Alone – Josh;
    #4 –
    #3 –
    #2 –
    #1 –

  2. FASTFORWARD to 26July2014… QIC Domer hasn’t posted yet, but this can’t wait…F3NATION is about fitness, fellowship and faith! It’s mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. TCLAPS to Brown Shorts for your leadership role as we gathered around the Shovelflag! YOU modeled something that is righteous – you glorified God in stepping out of your comfort zone! Great warmup! Before TODAY, some of us knew there would be ‘coupons’ – just not the flipping form they would take! After doing 11’s of werkins & derkins and hanging from the rafters, Domer Simpson took us on a mosey past the backside of the church… we stopped after we arrived at the edge of an unpaved parking area near some woods with a ‘pig trail’ leading back into the wooded area. Domer’s instructions was for us to partner up and follow him on the trail to pick up our ‘coupon’ to use in our next routine. Some organization was kind enough to sponsor this ‘tired flipping’ activity. But it didn’t end there! Glad our FNG F3Dorothy doesn’t have to preach tomorrow. The soreness eventually passes and will be worth it in the long run! Your F3MDorothy, Aimee, is gonna be so proud if you can stick with your new F3Brothers. Remember… Fitness is just the magnet. Fellowship is the glue. However, FAITH is indeed the dynamite! Together, it allows men to beat the SadClown Syndrome. Don’t know what that is yet? Ask one of us. Join us in F3. You’ll be glad you did! NEWSFLASH: 3RD F opportunity “BATTLE CRY” 630pm this Wednesday, 1938 Brushy Creek Road Trinity Point Church. F3 Powder Keg is an outdoors rain or shine, hot or cold 1st F opportunity (fitness) and meets at 315 Roe Rd on the Marathon Church Campus: SATURDAYS 700AM & MONDAYS 530AM!


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