Light the Fuse

  • Workout Date - 10/05/2023
  • Q In Charge - Domer Simpson and Iceman
  • The PAX - FNG Wes - Mayhem, FNG Brian - Spidey, Inspector Gadget, Freeze Dry, Domer Simpson, Doolitte, Brown Pants, Gluten, Caviar, Flay, Iceman, Nature boy, Holla, Sherpa, Ahhnold, Snowden, Bartman, Long bottom, Winslow
  • AO -

20 men made their way to Marathon Church to light the fuse at Powder Keg

lit fuse

The Thang:
Iceman has the Q
SSH x20
IW x16
Parker Peter x20 straight into merkins x10

Enough of the warmup, time to get a sweat going….

Line up for an Indian run, double applesauce style
Mosey through the parking lot to the picnic shelter
Once at the shelter, grab a piece of the benches for 11’s
Derkins and dips

Line back up to continue the indian run. This time we head to the back of Church.
Oh look, there’s a volleyball court back here……who knew
staying in 2 lines, bear crawl across the sand
guys waiting to bear crawl assume the peoples chair as do guys who have completed the crawl
Once everyone is thru in the sand pit, on your six for some core work
Heels to heaven x20
Rinse and repeat bear crawls with Chaser lbc’s x20 afterward

Line back up and continue the indian run to the bottom of the hill

Domer takes the wheel….

Dora 123 (Encourage Partnering old w new) up the 2 tiered hill
100 Smurf Jacks
200 High Knee Jumps
300 Mountain Climbers
Definite #crowdpleaser. Even @Bartman and @Snowden were quiet on this one!!

Mosey to the parking lot
10 Partners Chair – Face partner toe to toe holding forearms – lean back into squat.
10 Hi-5 Up Down – Mahktar Ndiaye with partner hi-5.
10 Wheel Barrow Derkins
For a good laugh attempt 2 man 2 arm pushup….
rinse and repeat

Jail break back to the flags

Ruh roh – 2 flags had fallen #lightweightplantedtheshovel #aridground
13 burpee penalty for everyone

Jack Webb Pyramid up to 5 and back down

15 Flutters 30 sec plank
15 Russian twists 30 sec 6″

13 burpees for the 2nd flag that fell


Naked Moleskin
– Wow, what a great AO. So many options for #downPAINments
– Great work by everyone, particularly the FNGs – Mayhem and Spidey
– Thanks to all the F3 vets who joined us for the launch of Powder Keg
– As advertised, @Bartman and @Snowden brought the #mumblechatter

Announcements / Prayer Requests
– Remember to keep Erector and Spicoli in your prayers
– We asked everyone to keep EC, Twerkin and Don King in their thoughts as they tackle the Foothills Trail this week
– Keep EH’ing guys for Powder Keg

See ya in the gloom….


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