Light My Fire on Repeat

  • Workout Date - 10/02/2017
  • Q In Charge - BillyRay
  • The PAX - BillyRay, Mini Van
  • AO - The Gate

Only two to tango this beautiful am. Ad Hoc Q from BillyRay requires minimal thinking.

Warm Up

Light My Fire Round 1
Going door to door around the church.
Single Doors = 20 Squats
Double Doors = 10 Merkins*
Bonus Golf Cart Door = 20 Big Boys
*Note to self = They’re called Double Doors for a reason.

Light My Fire Round 2
Single Doors = 20 Crunches
Double Doors = 20 Lunges
Bonus Golf Cart Door = 20 Big Boys

Cool Down

Prayer Requests

  • Mini Van just finished moving and hopes to plant some roots for he and his five little guys, hopes to get settled quickly. Work is going good but travel may increase and that will be tough on the family.
  • BillyRay’s mom fell two weeks ago and is in assisted living for rehab for 2 weeks.  First 5 days haven’t gone well and praying that she can hang on and get the PT and OT she needs to get back on her feet – literally.

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