Life in the Trenches

  • Workout Date - 08/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - No Strings Attached
  • The PAX - Skipper, Belfort, Revival, Tanneyhill, Billy Bob, PSI, Cavalier, Manhole, Bullseye, Mr. Rogers, Fire Marshall Bill, Dirt Dobber, Mab Mab, NSA
  • AO -

YHC and Merle went for a stroll around Tyger Park Sunday evening to come up with a few ideas for what YHC decided would have to be a tough one, as the Eye of the Tyger PAX are comin in hot, getting stronger and faster every day. Most notable were the two deep trenches running behind the outfield fences of two of the baseball fields.┬áHe thought “I can work with this.”
Conditions were wet and grassy.


– Imperial walkers X 20 IC
– SSH X 20 IC
– Merkins X 20 IC
– High knees X 20 OYO


Mosey to small trench (10 feet deep) for 7s.

Jump squats on one side (6), crab walk to bottom, 3 burpees, Joe Hendrix up other side, diamond merkins (1)
Bear crawl back down, 3 burpees, crab walk up first hill
Repeat decreasing jump squats and increasing diamonds until reps reversed: i.e.: 1 squat, 6 diamonds

Mosey to line of trees (~25 trees).

5 merkins, lunge to next tree, 5 merkins, broad jump to next tree, repeato til the end of the line.

Mosey to big trench (20 feet deep), partner up.

One partner does seal jacks while the other runs to the bottom, does 10 merkins, runs up the other side, calls their partner’s name and does flutters, while partner 2 moves to them in the same manner.
Move back to the other side, doing 10 merkins at the bottom, seal jacks on the other side and calling partner 2
Rinse and repeat until YHC says stop (5 rounds)

Line up for double applesauce and indian run to flag-lined walkway.

Each flag is about 30 yards apart. Lunge walk from 1st to 2nd. Burpee-broadjump from 2nd to 3rd. Lunge walk from 3rd to 4th. Burpee-broadjump from 4th to 5th.

Mosey back to parking lot.

On first parking line, 5 plank shoulder-touches, increasing by 5 at each line all the way up to 50.
Audible to 40


– Rosalita X 20 IC
– Erectors X 20 IC
– Flutters X 20 IC
– Freddie Mercury X 20 IC


– Tclaps to the Eye of the Tyger PAX all around. They are growing steady, and starting to really embrace the suck! YHC was super impressed with the effort and unity among the PAX! Looks like they’re starting to figure this thang out, pushing each other and leaving no man behind.

-Revival was beastmode all morning. This guy knows how to push it. YHC thinks he needs an invitation to The Crucible.

-Tclaps to PSI and Manhole on merkin and plank shoulder-touch form (impeccable all damn day). YHC was bout smoked at 40 (these things get hard after a while) and audibled as he was having trouble staying in plank position. PSI and Manhole looked back like “What Q? You’re quitting already?”.


-Peggy Smith, recently diagnosed with breast cancer

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